OK Go, the band known as much for its inventive YouTube music videos as for the songs themselves, has just posted a nuanced stop-motion video that plays out in simple, animated line drawings across slices of toasted bread. Conceived by the band and mapped out by Nadeem Mazen and Ali Mohammad of Serious Business Design, Last Leaf features the hand-drawn work of artist Geoff Mcfetridge. Samsung, which enabled the project, lent its NX100 DSLR camera to shoot each still frame. Fifteen images make up about one second of video.

A nice little behind-the-scenes video about the project is up at Samsung’s page for the NX100. Once you wade through the heavily branded, extended pitch for the camera, you’ll get a glimpse of the band’s refreshingly collaborative creative approach (see “Episode 3: Art & Science” in particular).

Has the band sold out? Maybe, but when you’ve got as many wildly different ideas as these guys seem to have, why not get a sponsor behind you so you can put every one of them together? After all, concert ticket and iTunes sales won’t pay for everything.

Watch Last Leaf here: