New Integrated Version Includes a Lens Flare Editor, 1,100+ Presets and a Preview Browser to Find Them

GenArts today released Sapphire 6, a newly integrated version of its flagship plug-in suite for After Effects, Autodesk and Avid editing and compositing systems. For the first time, the suite includes a lens flare editor, 1,100+ presets and a preset browser to let you preview looks as you work. According to the company, versions for Final Cut Pro 7, Nuke and other OFX systems will be released later this fall.

The updated suite brings together about 240 effects and transitions, including a range of about 50 stock flares that After Effecs users can even edit in 3D space. The editor lets you isolate an effect and apply an AE mask as a matte. The Autodesk version of Sapphire 6 works across Flame, Inferno, Smoke, Smoke for Mac, Flint, Flare and Burn and lets you float your Flame licenses across platforms.

Sapphire 6 interface inside Autodesk Smoke

Sapphire 6 includes a one-year free subscription to FX Central, where GenArts daily curates new looks created by some of its top-tier Hollywood customers and specialists working in a variety of targeted vertical markets. The selection of available presets appears to have grown since the company first introduced FX Central in June with the release of its Sapphire Edge suite. Version 6, like Edge, is built on the Sapphire effects engine and also comes with analytic tools that suggest potential looks given an artist’s targeted demographic, location or project type.

Most Sapphire 6 suites available now begin at $1,699; Sapphire 6 for Avid systems start at $2,800.

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