An Already Essential Tool Moves Up in the Production World

One of the digital craftsperson’s most essential tools moves decidedly upscale with the March 6 introduction of Sorenson Squeeze Pro. The latest iteration of Squeeze targets the top video producer, editor, and webmaster already well-versed in digital filmmaking’s Three Noble Truths: Yes you need Photoshop, yes you need your NLE – and yes you need Sorenson Squeeze.

The new Squeeze Pro notably includes comprehensive support for Apple ProRes from Proxy to 12-bit 4:4:4 and every 8-bit and 10-bit incarnation in between. For years Squeeze has been our workhorse serving outputting our projects to a variety of codecs. Now that versatility has been brought forward to full ProRes support on the front end, enhancing the workflow options for many users.

Avid editors will also appreciate Squeeze Pro owing to its latest built-in DNx support. Sorenson has had, of course, a long relationship with Avid, having bundled a version of Squeeze for years with the NLE software. Avid editors and their brethren working in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere can now access the Pro plug-in at any point in the post-production process, a significant development that is also potentially game-changing in many editors’ workflows.

Proprietary MXF formats like Panasonic’s P2 and Sony’s XDCAM have, ironically, contributed to the success of Squeeze by making such versatile all-purpose tools indispensable. Of course it would be nice if camera makers built in some of their own versatility with respect to codecs, recording, and output options, but until that happens the future of Squeeze and Squeeze Pro looks blindingly bright.

Sorenson Squeeze screenshot

Sorenson Squeeze has always embraced the philosophy "from anything to anything." With hundreds of codecs and workflows supported, including ProRes and DNx, Squeeze Pro extends its reach and versatility even further into the pro video producer’s space. Note that Squeeze Pro still does not support Final Cut Pro X, a caveat worth bearing in mind for the latest version FCP adherents.

It wasn’t too long ago that Sorenson was very specific in application. In its earlier life it was the fueling technology powering Flash all but invisible to most users. Today Squeeze has evolved into an industry imperative, an empowering force of digital currency at the end, and now beginning, of virtually every workflow.

Sorenson Squeeze has made significant strides in more specialized video areas like Blu-ray and DVD. Many pro settings are offered here, including the ability to set chapter points and insert I-frames.

On the road ahead, Sorenson is reportedly eyeing support for JPEG2000 and DCP, extending the applicability of Squeeze to even more potential users. For Sorenson, the more workflows it is involved in the better, and given the relevance and appeal of Squeeze to virtually every digital content creator on the planet, Sorenson’s desire for world domination is a most welcome and admirable thing.