Wendy Rosen and
Jeremy Baumann

AudioEngine parent aE|Media has opened Kind, a new creative editorial house, in New York City. Kind is being run by Executive Producer Wendy Rosen (formerly of Mad River Post, Three Fingered Louie, Red Car, and JumP) and Senior Editor Jeremy Baumann (most recently at Red Car and Click 3X) in temporary space before a scheduled move early next year into a 3,000-square-foot space in the same building as AudioEngine, at 617 Broadway in Greenwich Village. The shop will use Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro 7. "My desire in starting this venture was fueled by my love of the business side of post," said Rosen in a prepared statement. "While my main focus is executive-producing, I am still editing." [Kind]

Production company Standard Directors has been founded in Greenwich, CT, by The Brand Gallery founder Philip McIntyre and producer Brian Bennhoff. The firm's starting line-up includes Goya Award-nominated director Martin Rosete ("Voice Over"); D&AD Gold Award-winning director Mark Chaudoir, who has worked at the BBC and Red Bee Media; director and graphic artist/design director Iain Greenway, late of the BBC and Click3X; and DP John Hunter, whose clients have included NutriSystem, Kashi, and Cuisinart. "More similarly exciting director announcements are planned, with the objective of filling other unique niches in our director lineup," said Bennhoff in announcing the roster. [Standard Directors]

European directorial duo John Doe, aka Tiago Guedes and Stjepan Klein, are being repped in the U.S. exclusively by L.A.'s Accomplice Media. John Doe's awards include a 2007 Cannes Lions Direct Grand Prix for their work on Banco Gallego's Lopetegui Deposit campaign with Madrid agency Shackleton. [Accomplice Media]

Darby Walker

Darby Walker, formerly head of production at Beast Editorial, joined Chicago-based post and production house Optimus as senior producer in Santa Monica, CA. "She has a ton of experience in our post and production world, all in L.A., where she was born and raised, and I can't wait to team up with her," said Optimus Executive Producer/Managing Director Therese Hunsberger in a prepared statement. [Optimus]

Chris Gardner, Eskil Steenberg, Drasko Vucevic

International creative collective Acne signed three interactive directors to its roster: Drasko Vucevic, Chris Gardner, and Eskil Steenberg. “Drasko has put together one jaw-dropping interactive experience after another," said Acne's CEO of U.S. operations, Jesper Palsson, who joined Acne earlier this year. "Eskil is a relentless creative visionary whose ideas have been integrated into some of today’s best-known technologies. And Chris has been in the game since Flash was called FutureSplash. These guys are serious heavyweights who never let up in their drive to create the next industry-changing technology. We are thrilled to have them.” [Acne]