Every NAB I try to discover at least one small company Introducing the next runaway success. This year, I discovered Wayin. Their product, Wayin Broadcast, is the most thorough, intuitive and efficient tool I've seen yet to manage social media feeds for production. 

Wayin Broadcast gives production companies a comprehensive tool to ingest and manipulate social media feeds and the associated metadata, then display posts, tweets, and/or related material as live production graphics.  Using a proprietary algorithmic filter, Wayin is able to retrieve relevant terms and hashtags organically surfacing from online social conversations, so users get a better picture of the whole discussion happening in the Twitter-verse.
Using this extensive pool of cloud based data, Wayin then creates impressive real time graphics for air using JSON, XML, RSS or by integrating directly into industry standard hardware graphics systems including VizRT, Chyron and Ross Xpression.
In an era where social media often directs the events on screen, Wayin seems to have created an intuitive tool to distill the truly relevant information down to digestible elements for broadcast graphics. I am excited to see a small company like Wayin really deliver such a huge product. And they did it right, by announcing their product and their first client simultaneously at the beginning of NAB: Wayin was the chosen partner to power social media interaction with the Weather Channel's Americas Morning HQ broadcast.
Wayin Broadcast can be seen in the Sprockits, AccuWeather and VizRT booths (as an integrated solution), as well as in their own booth in last row of the Lower South Hall.
Nathan Adams is a freelance Post Supervisor and Production Technology Consultant in Los Angeles specializing in camera to archive workflows. Nathan is the owner of  Cinematomic, a popular post production company specializing in "facility free" post production for television, theatrical and web projects.