Dragon Owners to Get Preferential Pricing When Upgrades Become Available

Red Digital Cinema is extending the upgrade path for Dragon owners at NAB this year, with Red Digital Cinema President Jarred Land teasing the new Red Weapon camera body in a forum post at reduser.net.

Red shooters who already own a Dragon before NAB begins will get special pricing when they upgrade to Red's latest and greatest. Specifically, Land wrote, Dragon owners will get an extra upgrade credit plus special NAB pricing, and will be the only users able to preorder the Weapon upgrade at NAB. "You can still buy a new Weapon further down the road and not do the upgrade plan, but it's just going to be way, way more expensive than if you follow along the upgrade path."

Responding to a direct question from a user, Land said June is "most likely" the termination date for the availability of Dragon upgrades for the Red Epic Mysterium-X camera.

Judging from response in the thread, Red users were generally excited by the news, though some said the cost of staying on top of camera technology by purchasing upgrade after upgrade was steeper than expected. (Land countered by noting that it was almost certainly cheaper than buying a completely new camera with each technology cycle.) And there was definitely some grumbling about Red's decision to make standard-size RedMag SSDs obsolete in favor of the new Mini-Mags with Weapon's release.

Aside from those tidbits, Land declined to spill any vital stats on the new camera, opting to save the big announcement for NAB.