Prolost Speedramp

Filmmaking tech guru Stu Maschwitz has released Prolost Speedramp, an After Effects preset that he hopes will make speed-ramping your clips on the desktop as easy as it is on your iPhone.

His approach allows for up to five different speed settings in a comp. Up to five different speeds can be set (as percentages) via sliders, and transition points are specified using up to four Layer Markers. The length of each transition can be set separately. 

Prolost Speedramp interface

In case you're trying to move between two specific frame rates, Speedramp also includes a calculator to help figure out the appropriate percentages.

Despite his efforts, Maschwitz admits that speed-ramping is still a painful process. "It's still a hard thing to do," he writes in the Speedramp documentation. "The good news is, this setup allows you to iterate on a speed ramp much easier than any other method I've ever used."

Speedramp is available now from the Prolost Store.