Fujifilm announced a new line of Super-35/APS-C E-mount cinema lenses aimed at "emerging cinematographers," the MK Series, featuring 4K-quality optics and selling for less than $4,000 each.

The Fujinon MK18–55mm T2.9 zoom is scheduled to ship early next month for a list price of $3,799, followed this summer by the Fujinon MK50–135mm T2.9. That means the company is hitting the market with two lenses that will take shooters all the way from 18mm at the wide end to a 135mm zoom. Moreover, the two lenses can share one matte box and filter size, and have gears positioned in exactly the saem place, allowing the lenses to be switched without repositioning any accessories. Fear pitch is 0.8M and the focus ring rotates up to 200 degrees.

"Since [high-performance cinema lenses] are typically large, heavy and expensive, those involved in online and other lower-cost productions often opt for interchangeable lenses for digital [still] cameras, which have been more affordable and mobile," said Tom Fletcher, director of sales for Fujifilm's optical devices division in a prepared statement. "The problem is that interchangeable lenses for digital cameras are designed primarily for shooting stills, and [are] therefore prone to focus shift and optical axis shift while zooming."


Fletcher said the new MK lenses are designed for zero breathing, no ramping or zoom shift, and the ability to maintain focus throughout the zoom range. Both lenses weigh 2.16 lbs (980 grams) and are 206mm long with front diameters of 85mm. The 18–55mm lens has a minimum object distance of 2.78 feet (0.85m), and the 50–135mm has a minimum object distance of 3.93 feet (1.2m), Fujifilm said.

Fujifilm also said an X Mount version of the new lenses. for use with Fujifilm's X Series digital cameras, is in development and should be launched by the end of 2017.