Top Post-Production Talent to be Feted November 1

Nominees for the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards have been announced. The awards recognize top talent in a number of categories which are critical to creative and technical post production for motion pictures, television and commercials.
In announcing the awards, Leon Silverman, President of the HPA, noted “The entire creative process requires collaboration, often in the extreme. And, it comes down to the ability of the talented people and focused companies behind the scenes to execute that artistic vision. By launching these awards, we hope that some of the important contributions of the professional and talented collaborators are recognized for their critical role in helping make artistic vision a reality.”

Nominees include:
• Outstanding Color Correction – Feature Film in a DI Process

King Kong
David Cole (Weta Digital Ltd)

The Illusionist

Steve Scott (EFILM)

Mike Sowa (LaserPacific Media Corporation)

• Outstanding Compositing-Feature Film
King Kong
Eric Winquist, Charles Tait, Johan Aberg, GG Heitman (Weta Digital Ltd)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Eddie Pasquarello, Kimberly Lashbrook, Tory Mercer, Greg Salter (Industrial Light & Magic)

• Outstanding Audio Post – Feature Film

Flight Plan
Dave McMoyler, Michael Minkler, Myron Nettinga (Soundelux)

The Producers
Lon Bender, Lee Dichter (Soundelux)

• Outstanding Editing – Television
Arrested Development

Stuart Bass, ACE

Criminal Minds
James Giritlian

Medium: “Death Takes a Policy”
Sondra Watanabe

• Outstanding Color Correction ‘ Television
ESPN 2006 Arthur Ashe Awards: Afghan Women’s Soccer
Siggy Ferstl (RIOT)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: "Gum Drop"
Paul Westerbeck (The Post Group)

Invasion: Episode 107, "The Cradle"
Tom Overton (LaserPacific Media Corporation)

• Outstanding Compositing – Television

Deadwood: Episode 301, "Tell Your God To Ready For Blood"
Tim Jacobsen, David Altenau, Jason Fotter, Bob Minshall (Encore Hollywood)

House: Episode 220, "Euphoria: Part One"
Elan Soltes, Kent Feeler, Matt Von Brock, Nick D'Amico (Encore Hollywood)

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: Battleground
Eric Grenaudier, Megan Omi, Valeri Pfahning, Diego Galtieri (Stargate Digital)

• Outstanding Audio Post – Television
Charmed: Episode 177
Greg Stacy, Mark Petersen, Mike Cook, Craig Dellinger, Jeff Clark (Laser Sound Services)

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: Episode 220
Greg Stacy, Mark Petersen, Mike Cook, Mike Hickey, Jeff Clark (Laser Sound Services)

Squirrel Boy
Michael Geisler, Curt Hackney, Vincent Colavitti, Glenn Aulepp (Pacific Soundwaves)

• Outstanding Editing – Commercial

Jaguar, "Gorgeous"
Scott Gaillard (Outside Editorial)

Farmers Insurance, “Indestructible”
Richard Cooperman (The Mission)

Jaguar, “XK Launch”
Neil Gust (Outside Editorial)

• Outstanding Color Correction – Commercial

Jaguar, "Gorgeous"

Steve Mottershead (Outside Editorial)

Greyhound Bus Lines, "Let's Go Dog"
Steve Mottershead (Outside Editorial)

Jaguar, “XK Launch”

Steve Mottershead (Outside Editorial)

• Outstanding Compositing – Commercial
Nike, "Celebration"
John Ciampa, Thomas Downs, Paul Geiger, Brian Schneider (Ring of Fire)

Hyundai, “World On Its Head”
Andrew MacDonald, Andy Davis, Wensen Ho, Kelly Bumbarger (RIOT)

• Outstanding Audio Post ‘ Commercial
Cadillac “Drum”
Jimmy Hite (Margarita Mix Santa Monica)

Coca Cola, "Video Game"
Peter Rincon, Robert Weiss, D. Chris Smith (POP Sound)

Honda “Motorcycles"
Jeff Levy (Margarita Mix Santa Monica)

Engineering Excellence Award

This is the inaugural year for the HPA Awards, which attracted high powered submissions in every category. Earlier this month winners of the Engineering Excellence Award were announced. Digital Vision, MTI Film, and Sony will each receive Engineering Excellence recognition at the November 1st event for pioneering technologies and products. Also on November 1st, Emory Cohen, a leader in a number of ground breaking post-production methods and practices in sound, sound editing, film and video completion will receive the Outstanding Contribution to Post Production Award.

Tickets are still available for the gala evening, which will be held on November 1st at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. A cocktail reception follows the Awards Show. Tickets can be purchased at For additional information, please call 818-840-7953.