Teresis Online Gives Video Production Companies a Unique Opportunity to Simultaneously Cut Costs and Reduce Time to Market

Teresis Media Management, Inc., the developer of the first and only complete video production asset management solution, today announced the launch of an online version of its software. Teresis Online™ harnesses the full power and benefits of Teresis technology in a "software as a service" business model, making it more affordable and accessible to a wide variety of customers from the independent film producer to the largest entertainment production companies.
With the rise of hugely successful reality television programming, producers of films and regular television shows are under increasing pressure to compete by reducing overhead and budgets. At the same time, the reality show producers must also be mindful of budgets while quickly sifting through thousands of hours of footage to edit and wrap post production under very tight deadlines. Add new emerging markets such as Video On Demand (VOD), YouTube and MobileTV to the mix, and its easy to see why today's entertainment production companies are straining under immense demands to lower costs, reduce time to market and deliver high quality product all at the same time.

Aiming to alleviate much of this strain on production companies, Teresis Online™ offers a unique opportunity for producers to cut budgets and significantly reduce post-production time while raising the quality of the final product. Leveraging the convenience of the Internet, Teresis Online™ delivers all of the features and benefits of the Teresis software ‘ the first platform to enable productions companies to repurpose their existing content and develop original content for new emerging markets such as the internet, cell phones, and VOD. Teresis Online™ is the industry's first and only complete production asset management system that is entirely browser and Internet based. It is also the first to integrate outsourced transcription services (through a partnership with Terescription www.Terescription.com) and the first to support Avid and Final Cut Pro editing software.

"Teresis Online™ is a disruptive, game-changing technology in the world of video production," said Keri DeWitt, president and CEO of Teresis. "It provides just about everything a production company needs to run a business, all at a very affordable cost. It truly enhances the production workflow and makes both pre and post production processes easier to manage. By saving time and money with Teresis Online™, producers can also take advantage of new emerging markets such as VOD, YouTube and MobileTV."
Eliminating the need for slow desktop applications, Teresis Online™ brings full access to the benefits of the Teresis Media Library™ to the users' fingertips in an instant. The service includes a broad spectrum of pre and post production tools such as the ability to create scripts and storyboards, and search, log, transcribe, annotate and edit footage. By subscribing to Teresis Online™, production companies and their staffs can quickly and easily access all of these features and tools over the Internet. No downloading or streaming of the media is required, and all media remains local to the clients' office network and within their control.

There are many benefits to subscribing to Teresis Online™. The service helps productions to save up to 30 percent of post production costs by eliminating analogue equipment, reducing logging and transcription expenses, decreasing office space, staff and overhead, and enabling staff to work remotely. The service also enables productions to save time by eliminating redundancy and promoting collaboration, quick decision-making and faster turnaround. In addition, Teresis Online™ yields better quality productions and enables turnkey delivery to television networks, Google, MSN, iTunes, cell phone carriers and websites for easy distribution.

Additional features and benefits include the ability to:

  • Edit video online
  • Digitize multiple tapes at once and repurpose media for editing in Avid or Final Cut Pro
  • Print labels and manage master tape vault
  • Log and transcribe 50 percent faster
  • View dailies with hyperlinked scenes and takes
  • Search and annotate with hyperlinked time codes to media
  • Create two-column scripts
  • Create sequences and edit decision lists all from a web browser
  • Build dynamic storyboards for collaborative development and faster approval process
  • Manage all assets including releases, permissions, contracts, artwork, audio, still photos and royalties
  • Approve cuts virtually and eliminate the need for shipping tapes and DVDs
Teresis Online™ is available now and is already in use by Norsemen Television Productions, LLC, a production company with many credits such as feature films and Emmy-nominated documentaries. Norsemen uses Teresis Online™ for logging, story editing, easy reference to material and keeping up with deadlines. The company particularly enjoys the search feature, which finds specific clips based on keywords. The feature is very helpful for post tracking and planning, and saves a great deal of time.

"Our efficiency while using Teresis Online™ is immeasurable," said Scott Young, Norsemen's post production supervisor. "The greatest part about the Teresis system is its ability to instantly provide video, audio and timecode without a tape just by simply hopping onto the Internet. Having media available to so many users at the same time eliminates the need for A/V carts, lugging tape decks around and having to generate multiple copies of all footage."

The Norsemen team also appreciates the benefits Teresis brings to their asset management processes. "Dealing with legal issues related to television shows that we've produced in the past used to require our post team to track down pieces of video, which took a great deal of time and used up very valuable resources," added Norsemen's Vice President of Production, Jeffrey Berk. "Now if we need to review video, it's just a matter of a few mouse clicks."

To promote the launch of Teresis Online™, Teresis is offering a special deal for productions that sign up to try the service during the fall season. By signing up to try Teresis Online™ before August 17, 2007, productions will receive 10 percent off of Terescription's transcription services as well as three weeks of free access to the full features of Teresis Online™, including search, logging, story boards, scripting, story editing, rights management and distribution. After the free three week trial period, subscribers have the option to purchase continued access to the full features of Teresis Online™ on an affordable subscription basis or revert back to the transcription only service. Those who try the transcription service and then upgrade to a Teresis Online™ subscription will also receive a 10 percent weekly discount for the duration of the production.

To take advantage of the Teresis Online™ promotion, please contact (310) 595-4236 or sales@teresis.com. For additional information about Teresis Online™, please visit www.teresis.com