Train on Quantel Software for Free

At IBC, Quantel announced a training program that makes new training material available to freelancers, whether they own a Quantel system or not. Called Compass, the company is using the program to increase the talent pool of those experienced on Quantel systems.
A variety of packages are available in different levels of expertise, with the first available as a free download. The only criterion is that users of the free training software do not use it to create commercial projects. Those interested can sign up on the website ( for a free download, which is available as part of all Compass Training Packages.

The method of teaching also varies, with the Associate level available to anyone as a free of charge Web-based program, while Expert employs one-on-one tuition. Each of the stages is fully accredited by Quantel.

The Compass packages are available at different levels, beginning with basic IT and video training and moving up to advanced engineering training-which entitles the recipient to discounts on Quantel’s QCare support charges. All of the packages are designed to quickly bring potential users up to speed on using the new Quantel systems and will keep them up to date as the technology develops.

Compass Operational is designed for creatives and is available at four levels: Associate, Creative, Professional and Expert. Each one takes users from complete novice all the way through to super-user status.

The Compass Engineering package is for those who provide engineering support for the systems and is available at three levels: Associate, Professional and Expert.

Compass Worldwide is a structured training program that takes freelancers or students with little or no generationQ experience up to an accredited level.

Quantel has also introduced specific training packages aimed at owners of Newsbox HD and Enterprise sQ systems. The Compass Newsbox 360 and Compass Enterprise programs combine creative and engineering training and cover all aspects of the use of these production systems.

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