Hot on the heels of the YouSendIt plug-in for Final Cut Pro comes another FCP option.  BorisFX, creator of effects software and plug-ins, has partnered with MyMusicSource on a plug-in that allows direct access and importing of tracks from the MyMusicSource library.

Download and install the plug-in and a MyMusicSource option will appear in the FCP import menu. Choosing the Go To MyMusicSource option from within FCP launches your web browsers and lets you browse the site and look for music selections. You get better integration by downloading a track because there’s a Send to Final Cut Pro option that will send either a 48K AIFF file or a 320kbps MP3 right to a new bin in FCP. Now I really don’t know why you’d ever want to send an MP3 right into FCP since FCP doesn’t support MP3s and they will require a render once placed in the timeline. Yes, they are a faster download than a comparable AIFF file, but rendering audio for playback isn’t a good habit to have since it’s easy for FCP to lose the render. If you must have an MP3 then you’re better off using something like Loader to convert before importing (or use iTunes or QuickTime Player 7) but that defeats to purpose of this integrated plug-in. Just download the AIFF if your bandwidth can support it!

MyMusicSource claims “pricing starts as low as $5” so there might be something there for every budget. There are videos available on the Boris site that explain how to use the service.