Have you ever been working in and around Final Cut Pro, worked your way through a repetitive or menial task and thought, “why isn’t there an application that does this for me?” Or maybe you’ve been using a tool like AutoCollapse or Media Mover for FCP and said, “I should have thought of that!”

Well now is your chance to come up with your own Useful Tool. Intelligent Assistance has launched a contest called: There’s not an app for that… yet! The concept is simple, you come up with an idea, submit it to Intelligent Assistance, and they put the best ideas up for a vote. The winner gets their application idea developed and they get a free copy. All those who voted will be eligible for a 50% discount on the winning application. By FCP’s very nature there’s only so much a third-party app can do. Intelligent Assistance, as a company, is workflow oriented as opposed to being a plug-in effects developer, so read the How to submit an app idea page carefully for what they can and can’t do.

This is a unique idea and something that I have never heard happening before in the post-production world. It’ll be most interesting to read all the different ideas that are put up for vote. I have a feeling we might all learn a bit about other people’s workflow issues as this competition takes shape. So put your thinking caps on and come up with something that will make life easier for all of us.