Duck-Adobe Partnership Will Add Interchange Functionality to Premiere Pro

Automatic Duck co-founder Wes Plate is jumping to Adobe, joining the product marketing team to help improve compatibility between Premiere Pro and other apps that use the AAF and OMF project interchange formats. Plate's father, company co-founder Harry Plate, will help him with that task while continuing to support other Duck partner companies.
“Adobe and Automatic Duck are now partnering with the aim of bringing absolute best-of-breed workflow integration into Premiere Pro,” said Adobe’s Premiere Pro product manager, Al Mooney, on Al’s Blog. “As we work together, Premiere Pro’s ability to integrate with the industry’s other leading tools using technologies like AAF, XML, and OMF will get stronger and stronger.”

The main Automatic Duck website was unreachable from our offices this afternoon, but Plate confirmed the move in a message posted to the site’s news page announcing the partnership. “Harry and I are currently working out the details of a new Automatic Duck website where our customers will be able to find all of the Automatic Duck products and related information, so please stay tuned,” he wrote.

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