What do you get when you combine award-winning directors, VFX experts, and editors with Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium and Adobe Premiere Pro? More awards, of course. Films that leveraged Adobe software in their post-production processes, including Hugo and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, made a splash at the 2012 Academy Awards. That same weekend, Act of Valor, which was online edited, conformed, and finished with Adobe Premiere Pro software, blew out box office numbers during its premiere weekend.

Rob Legato wins VFX Oscar for Hugo

Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, under VFX wizard Rob Legato, was one of the top winners at the 2012 Academy Awards, taking five awards, including one for Visual Effects. This was Legato’s second Oscar, the first earned for his work on James Cameron’s drama Titanic. Legato has been using Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium and Adobe Premiere Pro for years on projects from The Aviator to Avatar. Why?

“Premiere Pro is our Swiss Army knife. We can put virtually any file onto the timeline—or mix and match a variety,” says Legato. “The Adobe Mercury Playback Engine decodes just about anything and plays it back so quickly that as soon as we think of an idea, we can all view it and start fine-tuning.”

Watch the video: http://adobe.ly/JIXUNk

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Takes Home Editing Oscar

For The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Director David Fincher reunited the post team from The Social Network: Academy Award-winning editors Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, Light Iron colorist Ian Vertovec, and Assistant Editor Tyler Nelson of GDT Editorial.

When it came time to conform the film and create the digital master, they used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro software. Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter took home an Oscar for editing. “On both projects, Adobe video products stood up to the demands of conforming the films, handling huge files, and helping us fine-tune shots and sequences,” says Nelson.

Act of Valor Tops Box Office

Creative Suite Production Premium, including Adobe Premiere Pro, was also the centerpiece of the workflow for the box office hit Act of Valor. This film tells the story of a Navy Seal team on a high-security mission and stars an actual Navy Seal team. The Bandito Brothers, the full service media company that produced this film, brought to life an incredible “day in the life” account using Creative Suite Production Premium, including Adobe Premiere Pro.

According to Jacob Rosenberg, partner, chief technology officer, and post producer of Bandito Brothers, “With Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, we can simplify everyday tasks with small changes that make a big difference. From the ability to work tapelessly with DSLR formats to DPX output straight from Adobe Premiere Pro through the Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe has made every step from ingest to output more streamlined.”

Watch the video: http://adobe.ly/J2kkHU

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer Switches to Adobe Premiere Pro

A three-time winner at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Vincent Laforet previously relied on a workflow involving Apple Final Cut Pro. He switched to Adobe Premiere Pro due to its native editing support for RED and DSLR camera formats. Plus, the depth and integration of Adobe software transformed the leading image-maker and director into an enthusiastic convert to an all Adobe video production workflow.

“Native support for the 5K RED EPIC and Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR camera formats in Adobe Premiere Pro led me to try Production Premium initially,” says Laforet. “That feature alone was well worth making the switch. Then I saw the integration among all the components of Adobe’s video tools and the virtually endless number of features — these factors made the move to an all Adobe workflow the clear way forward.”

Watch the video: http://adobe.ly/KwEx6C

Adobe Customers Produce Stellar Video Content

Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium software is powering an exceptional level of filmmaking today, and not just in Hollywood. The San Jose Police Department is using the software for Step into the Blue, a successful recruiting tool giving an up-close-and-personal glimpse into the lives of San Jose’s finest.


Visual communications firm Second City Communications replaced Apple Final Cut Pro with Adobe Premiere Pro, producing videos to support The Second City improv house and other brand-name clients. According to Greg Mulvey, lead editor and motion graphics designer for Second City Communications, “When it came time for Second City Communications to upgrade its NLE we looked at the available solutions and quickly realized that Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, particularly Adobe Premiere Pro, could meet all of our video production needs with a fast, integrated workflow.”


Why switch? Join the experts in benefitting from unparalleled integration with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop software, the ability to edit virtually anything due to broad native tapeless and DSLR camera support, and the lightning-fast Mercury Playback Engine. Learn more at: http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/switch.html.

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