Yesterday was the day Tony Scott died. Today was the day the Internet came out in full force to support his legacy. I wish Scott were still alive to read his obituaries, which have been especially thoughtful and laudatory. In particular, critics glossed over the man's best-known film (the era-defining Top Gun) and sought out the moments in his other films that spoke to his professionalism, his insistence on pushing boundaries, and his continued development as a filmmaker. Face it — the runaway-train thriller Unstoppable isn't the work of an old man resting on his achievements to date. He will be missed.

Here are some really good pieces on Tony Scott's work from around the web today.

The AV Club's Scott Tobias wrote an excellent career summary.

The Chicago Reader called his recent Deja Vu a "masterwork."

Critic Bilge Ebiri reflected on his experimental editing and the number of career-best performances he directed.

The Playlist picks the five best Tony Scott movies.

Finally, writer Scott Weinberg tweeted links to three Tony Scott shorts that you may not have seen, even if you followed his career in theaters. Here they are: