New Version Is Faster, Supports Alembic and OpenEXR Deep Data

The Foundry said the newest version of Nuke, its widely used digital compositing system, is shipping now. The company focused on performance enhancements in Nuke 7, as well as support for the Alembic graphics interchange framework and OpenEXR v2 Deep Data.

Speed improvements are led by the new RAM cache, which enables real-time playback . New GPU-accelerated nodes are available for the premium NukeX version of the software, including MotionBlur, Kronos, Denoise, and VectorGenerator. All will speed up image processing by tapping the processing power of dedicated graphics hardware. Also new in NukeX are particle improvements, a new ModelBuilder, and improved depth and point cloud generators.

The roto tools have been reworked for speed and 3D-stereo support, and Nuke now includes the Primatte 5 tracker as well as support for ARRIRAW and the R3D SDK.

A permanent, node-locked license for Nuke runs about $4700 (converted from British pounds). The same for NukeX is $7700.

For more information, or to download a 15-day trial, visit The Foundry online.