It's the second installment of Tutorials Tuesday! Here's another selection of tutorials from around the web, this time explaining how to get started with a vintage Russian movie camera, ways to light a music video on the cheap, what's new in the latest version of Final Cut Pro X, how to use Maya Blend Shapes to blow a gentle breeze through your character's hair and clothing, and the rig-removal tools Mettle SkyBox Studio brings to VR workflow inside Adobe After Efects. 

Here are the links:

Shooting 35mm

Shooting on a 35mm Movie Camera


Three Music Video Lighting Set-Ups Using Only One Light and One Wall

FCP X 10.3 demo

Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Workflow at LACPUG


Use Maya's Blend Shapes for a 'Breeze' Effect

VR rig removal tutorial

360 Rig Removal made Easy in After Effects and Mettle SkyBox Studio V2

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