With advertising dollars dispersing into a myriad of avenues, and generally away from print and television, how can production companies that in the past had subsisted on commercials with large budgets now cast their lines into these diverted streams of ad revenue?

In this panel discussion at the 41st International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers Conference we get three different perspectives on how to adapt to this brave new world where advertising is spread across many different platforms.

Lloyd Simon, a former executive with MTV and American Movie Classics and current president/CEO of Production Advisors, which licenses and negotiates music rights for ad agencies, talks about how his company had to come up with new and inventive ways to launch a successful online campaign for Clinique.

John Caffera, former agency producer and current Executive VP of EUE/ScreenGems, talks about how he established a new commercial production division at Screen Gems that packages commercial production deals for clients to lower the cost of production to meet today’s realities where the million-dollar commercial is just about extinct.

Avi Savar, head of Savar Media, a new media production company/agency, talks about the creative ways his company has spearheaded online campaigns to give clients more for less.

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