The Foundry released Modo 801, the latest version of the modeling, painting, animation and rendering package it acquired in its 2012 merge with Luxology. 

The newest Modo introduces node-based texturing, improved dynamics for creating realistic destruction animation, improved scattering tools, and updates to the animation framework designed to make character animation easier, including time markers, onion skinning, spacing charts, and in-betweening tools. A retargeting toolset allows standard mocap formats to be used more easily inside Modo.

Enhanced snapping has been added for more precision in modeling, including the ability to define snapping conditions, and nodal shading allows more complex shaders and materials to be easily created using the new shader inputs and procedural output channels for color, value, and alpha. Wrap, Lattice, and Bezier deformers have been added, and hair and fur have been improved. 

A free 15-day trial version of Modo 801 will be available soon. The Foundry has a placeholder webpage up where you can register to be notified via email when it's ready.