Vicon said its new flagship camera platform, Vicon Vantage, will make its U.S. debut next month at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles.


Vicon's new Control app runs on tablets and smartphones.

The new system features new sensor technology that provides continuous performance monitoring, delivering visual feedback through an on-camera OLED display, control software running on the capture PC, and Vicon's new Control tablet and phone app. Vicon said that using the app rather than a PC should give users a better chance to make adjustments on the fly during capture.

Also featured at the show will be Vicon's Pegasus, Cara, Blade and Tracker software.

VIcon's booth will host speakers from Digital Domain, ILM, and Epic Games, who will discuss recent mocap projects. The Vicon booth will have a VR component, too, with non-profit foundation Artanim demonstrating a project called Walking Through a Pharaoh's Tomb that combines motion capture with virtual reality. The project will also be on display at SIGGRAPH's VR Village, where a Real Virtuality demonstration will utilize 16 Vicon Bonita cameras, the company said.