From the latest AlphaDogs Editors' Lounge we bring you three videos: one on expectations, needs, rumors and whispers from top editing pros; the ever-increasing dilemma of a tapeless workflow; and the growing need to train the young generation of aspiring editors. Studio Daily's Debra Kaufman moderates the panel of Terence curren, president of AlphaDogs, Howard Brock, president of Runway Inc., Mark Raudonis, VP of post production at Bunim-Murray Productions, and Luke Wilson of Assimilate.
In the video below, the panelists discuss what they want to see at NAB, including whispers and prognostications about what new features the expected release of Final Cut Pro 6 will include, the search for a replacement to the CRT and more.

In this video, the editors the issue that is probably more important to them than the new gizmos in the NLEs: managing the tapeless workflow. they discuss various storage, arachiving and asset management problems and their imperfect solutions.

With the technology today able to do so much, training has become more and more important. These veteran editors discuss the need for training programs to teach the younger generation the myriad of technological skils and knowledge every editor needs.