Major Upgrade is Free for Existing Users and Includes Resolve Lite for Mac OS X and Windows

Blackmagic Design announced today that the latest version of its flagship color-correction system, DaVinci Resolve 10, is now available for download. In public beta since early September, the major upgrade features an extensive set of new editing, on-set and export features. If you're already a Resolve user, the upgrade is free.

The growing need for flexible and robust on-set color and post tools, in particular, has influenced the evolution of competitive grading and DI systems like Assimilate Scratch, known for its range of on-set options. Until this version, Resolve users were limited to post-show grading sessions. Version 10, however, has added a new Resolve Live feature that lets users access primaries, secondaries, power windows and custom curves during a grade directly off the live video input. Those grades can also now be stored and relinked when the camera files are loaded. A bunch of additional on-set color management tools will also let users more fully integrate the color-correction process during camera and lighting setups.

Version 10 plays much better with the standard NLEs from Adobe, Apple and Avid, letting multiple users submit scenes from Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro X or Media Composer to a Resolve 10 colorist, who can then finish them online from the original camera raw files. That same colorist can now easily send scenes back to an editor for further cuts. Taking a page from Autodesk, Blackmagic has added more primary editing tools to the mix, including a new split-screen display (to show in and out points on sequential clips), unlimited video multitrack editing (with 16 channels of audio per clip) and dynamically visible ripple, roll, slide and slip clip-trimming support. Using XML import, Resolve 10 can now online a Final Cut Pro X-edited film for cinema release and generate the DCP directly from the camera raw files.

Resolve 10 timelines now support a welcome set of new media types and formats, from JPEG 2000 decoding and encoding to AVI clip decoding and playback. Full support of compound clips and left- and right-eye clips means Resolve is finally ready for stereo 3D projects. The software's OpenCL support also makes it 4K-ready. At IBC in September, AMD demonstrated Resolve's GPU-accelerated real-time playback capabilities when grading 4K CinemaDNG footage from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera with a single Resolve system running four AMD FirePro W-series graphics cards.

Time-saving tools like the new unlimited power window setup will make it much easier for a colorist to add a gradient across an image. And, for the first time, users will be able to run any OpenFX plug-in—and an unlimited number per clip, at that—inside the grading system.

Both new users and existing customers who download Resolve 10 will get free Mac OS X and Windows versions of DaVinci Resolve Lite, which now includes Ultra HD resolutions and additional GPU support.