Sony announced a Professional RAID line of portable hard disk arrays IBC, along with a new 256 GB SxS PRO+ memory card. 

The PSZ-RA4T (4TB) and PSZ-RA6T (6TB) units include USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 2 connectivity and can be configured in hardware-controlled RAID-0, RAID-1, and JBOD modes. The 4 TB model contains two 2 TB drives and the 6 TB model contains two 3 TB drives.

The RAIDs work with Sony Memory Media Utility software, which displays information about the hardware, including capacity, formatting, free space, and disk status.


With data transfer reaching a maximum of 440 MB/sec and shock-absorption built in to the design (by the way, that's a built-in carrying handle on top of the unit, above), Sony is positioning the units as part of its 4K production workflow. Sony figures users will pair it with a SBAC-UT100 multireader for transferring data from SxS cards.

Speaking of SxS, the new 256 GB SxS PRO+ card, preformatted in exFAT, holds 40 minutes of 4K 60p footage, Sony said.