Enterprise-Class Platform Lets Employees Save, Manage and Share Image, Graphics and Audio Libraries

VideoBlocks today launched yet another new option, this one aimed at power users of its subscription-based stock footage libraries. VideoBlocks Enterprise, available immediately, is a scalable platform that gives companies of varying sizes with distributed locations full access to the expanding libraries of VideoBlocks, AudioBlocks and GraphicStock.

"The idea was to give a single, more manageable point of access to some of our larger customers while also offering more flexible licensing options, " says CEO TJ Leonard, who was promoted to CEO in January by founder Joel Holland. "We're now the largest video distributor in the world, with over 1.5 million downloads a month, and our marketplace went from zero clips to two million clips in about 15 months. As our membership base grows, we're getting more and more people who are more experienced creative professionals — part of larger organizations that depend on stock media to do their jobs every day."

Using VideoBlocks Enterprise, customers at multiple locations in a single organization will have access to the breadth of the VideoBlocks media libraries from their workstations via authorized IP access. The platform also includes API access, letting companies offer media to their customers without pushing them back to the original VideoBlocks site. The service comes with additional one-on-one account support. Current VideoBlocks subscribers at organizations that want to join Enterprise can transition their current accounts. 

Leonard says the Enterprise platform grew out of the "neverending battle" between corporate and creative over production costs. "Creative groups are constantly getting hammered by corporate to lower their budgets, but they also need to do more with less," he says. "Nobody just creates content for a single medium anymore. Someone like BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, one of our earliest Enterprise customers, for example, needed more flexible licensing to deal with the very real potential that what starts out as a web-only video can, after going viral, become a Super Bowl ad for broadcast."

Leonard says most other enterprise solutions out there don't offer that kind of flexibility. "Distribution is either capped in terms of the number of people or it's web-only, forcing you to pay elsewhere for the whole enchilada up front or [to] re-license the same content over and over again," he says.

VideoBlocks also wanted to eliminate the credit system of other subscription services that force users to load up on media before blocks of allotted credits expire. "We wanted to solve those three problems: helping to reduce production costs, providing a better and simpler licensing solution, and ultimately stopping this war on credits through administrative ease," he says. "The licensing is set up in Enterprise so that everything is royalty-free for web, for offline, for U.S., for international and there's no limit on the number of individuals in terms of distribution. And at any point in the month, you can just jump on and grab what you need."