Deluxe is going into business with stunt coordinator Guy Norris (Suicide Squad, Mad Max: Fury Road), who founded Australian VR production company Proxi with his son, stunt performer Harrison Norris.

Deluxe VR has signed an agreement with Proxi to collaborate on 360-degree experiences that specialize in placing viewers in the middle of Hollywood blockbuster-style action, the company said. 

Proxi will provide creative, directing and live-action production services, while Deluxe VR contributes VFX, real-time VR rendering and on-set data services to 360-degree projects shooting in conjunction with studio tentpole films, Deluxe said.

"Guy is one of the biggest and most highly regarded names in action design and stunts, and with Harrison's inspiration, he's taken that passion into virtual reality," said Deluxe President and GM of Visual Effects and VR Ed Ulbrich in a prepared statement. "Some of the most compelling movie-based VR experiences come from big action sequences, and Guy is brilliant in that realm. Joining forces to extend Guy's creative team with our specialization in VR and VFX is a perfect fit."

Radiant Images Mobius rig

The Norrises' company is best-known for "Squad 360: The VR Experience," a Samsung VR exclusive that offers viewers POV perspectives from the middle of a firefight captured on the set of Suicide Squad. It debuted at Comic Con last year. The production used the Mobius POV VR 360 system from Radiant Images, a body-mounted rig that wraps 17 cameras around the head of an actor on set.

"VR has let us unleash so many new ways to bring audiences inches form the action, the kind of experiences that have the interactivity of high-end gameplay and the immersiveness of cinematic film," said Harrison Norris in a prepared statement. "It's a new way of creating entertainment targeted specifically for the new generation of audiences."