Cinedeck is updating its new CineXinsert insert editing finishing software, unveiled at NAB this year as a standalone frame-accurate application for Mac OS X, with several requested new features in time for IBC. These include AS-11 support and an audio versioning tool that lets you insert and reorganize WAV files without re-exporting them from your NLE. 

First introduced as part of Cinedeck RX, MX and ZX record in 2015, the resolution-independent standalone version for the Mac lets editors insert new video segments, audio tracks or closed captioning into final flat master files without rerendering, recreating or exporting the entire show. Designed for streamlining 4K and UHD workflows, the software lets users skip the mind-numbing, time-consuming process of recreating files after last-minute changes inevitably are made to a master headed out the door. In many ways, it is the digital answer to the outmoded routine of punching in fixes to tape-based masters. Cindeck says early users have seen upwards of 50x increases in workflow speeds and efficiency. The software lists for $1,495.

CineXinsert currently supports ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM and AVC-Intra in common QuickTime and MXF file wrappers. The updated version will also now support AS-11, a delivery specification originally developed and standardized by the UK's Digital Production Partnership (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky) for television programming in the UK that is gaining traction in North America and the Nordic countries. The format, like most standard specifications, simplifies the process of creating and moving deliverable programs between post houses and playout companies. The added AS-11 support in CineXinsert lets users insert changes to any finished AS-11 compliant file and also edit the file's metadata.

The new audio versioning tool simply re-wraps any multiple versions of audio tracks onto the final file.

Coming shortly — sometime in September, says the company — is also a Windows version of the software.