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Convergent Design Sets Pricing for Odyssey7 OLED Recorders

Odyssey7Q Features Optional Recording Features Unlockable By the Day or a One-Time Fee

Convergent Design has finalized the unusual pricing scheme for its innovative Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q 7.7-inch 1280×800 OLED monitors, which double as SSD recording devices.

The company had originally announced that all recording options would command an extra fee on top of the base price, but said this week that both the 7 and the 7Q will have DNxHD recording at up to 60fps enabled out of the box at no additional cost. A Convergent Design SSD ($595 for 240 GB, $1195 for 480 GB, and $2195 for 960 GB) is required. The Odyssey7 will list for $1295, and is scheduled to begin shipping in November.

If you want more flexibility in terms of recording options, the Odyssey7Q will be of more interest. It starts at $2295 and is slated to begin shipping in August. It has additional quad-split monitoring capabilities, supporting four video streams simultaneously, as well as a number of recording options that are detailed below. Users have the option of unlocking recording functionality for a single one-time payment or using a rental mode to enable recording in a given format for only a limited number of shooting days.

Other features only available on the 7Q include eight channels of embedded audio (the 7 has only two), onion-skinning support for overlaying still and live video, and image analysis options such as waveform and RGB parade during playback.


Purchase: $1495     Rental: $75/day


DNxHD Compressed HD YCC 422 10-Bit up to 120fps
(up to 880  Mbps, .mov format);
Uncompressed HD/2K RGB 444 10/12-Bit up to 60fps (.dps format)

Ideal for Sony F3, F23, F35.


Quad HD/4K

Purchase: $1495     Rental: $75/day


Uncompressed Quad HD/4K YCC 10-bit, up to 30fps (.dpx format)

Ideal for Sony F55, and other cameras that can output uncompressed 4K over four HD-SDI single-link outputs.



Purchase: $1495    Rental: $75/day


HD/2K Raw up to 240fps (.dng format)
Quad HD/4K YCC Uncompressed up to 30fps (.dpx format)

Sony FS700 (the HXR-IF5 interface module is not required).



Purchase: $2495    Rental: $125/day


HD/2K Raw up to 120fps (.dng format)

Ideal for IO Industries 2KSDI, LMP POV cam's, IndieCam GS2K,
P+S Technik X35, Weisscam.


C500 RAW

Purchase: $2495     Rental: $125/day
This option scheduled to be released in August, 2013


Quad HD/4K Raw 10-bit up to 60 fps,
Half QuadHD/Half 4K Raw 10-bit up to 120 fps (.rmf);
Uncompressed HD/2K RGB 4:4:4 10/12-bit up to 60 fps (.dpx format);
DNxHD Compressed HD YCC 8/10-Bit up to 120 fps
(880 Mbps, .mov format).
Support for all C500 frame rates/modes for in one unit. Some modes require two SSDs. Simultaneous RAW and Proxy (DNxHD-36) up to 60 fps supported (which is the limit of the camera's monitor output).



Purchase: $2995     Rental: $150/day
This option scheduled to be released Q4 2013


16:9 up to 60fps, 4:3 up to 48fps, with variframe and desqueeze support (.ari format); Simultaneous Raw + Proxy (DNxHD-36) up to 30fps supported (the limit of the cameras monitor output).

ALEXA Series cameras (except XT series).



Purchase: $3995.00     Rental: $200/day
This option scheduled to be released Q4 2013


Supports recording up to four separate (Genlock not required) video streams into four separate files using Avid DNxHD, up to 1080p30/1080i60 or 720p60 (up to 220 Mbps/stream, .mov format).  The four HD streams may be displayed in separate quadrants on the OLED monitor and/or external monitor.

Source: Convergent Design

For more information: www.convergent-design.com/Products/Odyssey7.aspx


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  • wotipka

    In a time when the RED users are staging a coup about proprietary SSD cards, it is odd to see such an approach.

    • Rob

      Agreed, it’s crazy to force proprietary SSD cards at ridiculous pricing. They could have seriously dented the Atomos market segment with the Odyssey7 and standard SSD’s.

      I would not buy one because of the proprietary SSD’s and their crazy pricing!