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Paul: DSL-Arm Sufferer

To sell a new line of lightweight DSLRs from Olympus, Boston ad boutique The Fantastical invented an affliction: DSL-Arm. This three-minute mockumentary makes the point unmistakably but gently, without coming across as a hard sell. ("He's not a monster," promises Paul's … more »


Texas Rising Main Titles

King and Country in Santa Monica was charged with outlining eight fundamental plot points—including a massacre, a seduction, and the origin of the Texas Rangers—in an all-CG show-opener for History's five-part Roland Joffé-directed miniseries, Texas Rising. Read the press release for … more »


Explosive Oil Fire at 2500fps

If you've spent much time in a kitchen, you probably know better than to throw water on a grease fire. This video explains exactly why—and shows you what the resulting explosion looks like in fabulous super-slow-motion captured at 2500fps with the Vision Research … more »


The Internetest Safety Video on the Internet

Part of the fun of watching Delta's latest safety video is imagining how bizarre it must seem to viewers who aren't already acquainted with viral Internet sensations like Keyboard Cat, Dramatic Chipmunk, and the venerable Dancing Baby. For a complete list of … more »


Redrawing Taylor Swift

NOT just another Taylor Swift video. 49 Australian animation students were each handed a different 52 frames of director Mark Romanek's "Shake It Off" music video and instructed to roto their own hand-drawn footage to replace the original. Things get weird quickly. Credits DESN2801: … more »


A Subway Delay Story

Ever waited for-EVER on a New York subway platform to catch your train? Watch how the MTA uses retro CG imagery to show the bigger picture behind subway delays.


EmpTV Cribs Stormtrooper Edition

This Star Wars-themed spoof shows why it's good to be a Stormtrooper—but also that Darth Vader can really kill a party. 


Elle Sasson: Fashionable Animal

Fashion shoots generally command high-resolution digital equipment for high-gloss images. But sometimes it makes more sense to scale back. For designer Elle Sasson, cinematographer Ofir Peretz shot with a 16mm ARRIFLEX camera for a softer texture and a more timeless look. Gigi … more »


Taylor Swift: Bad Blood

Singer/producer Taylor Swift, director Joseph Kahn and DP Christopher Probst shot Swift's explosive, cameo-laden "Bad Blood" music video with the new Red Weapon camera system and ARRI/Zeiss Master Anamorphic lenses. Read the reduser.net thread for behind-the-scenes info from Probst.


Kariba Teaser

A team of South African artists have stirred up interest with this enigmatic teaser for a planned hand-animated feature film based on a Tonga legend related to the construction of the Kariba hydroelectric dam spanning the Zambezi river basin between … more »