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The Hobbit in 72 Seconds: 33,000ish Seconds Shorter Than Peter Jackon’s Version

Animator Kevin Ulrich brings the spoilers, as he wraps up his own film version of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, animated with Lego figures, in a minute and a half.


Through the Ground Glass

Producer Nick Bolton and cinematographer Taylor Hawkins co-directed this short about photographer Joseph Allen Freeman and the continuing romance and creative challenge of large-format photography. (NSFW if a little profanity isn't safe where you work.) It was shot with the Canon EOS C100 and … more »


Out of Print

Julia Marchese, a longtime employee at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, made this feature-length documentary about the repertory theater — which features interviews with regular patrons plus appearances by such filmmaker fans including Joe Carnahan, Joe Dante, Stuart … more »


Peugeot: The Legend Returns

With a wink and a smirk, Peugeot remakes its own original over-the-top spot introducing the 205 GTI with an even more ludicrous update for the 21st century. More details are available at Peugeot's Tumblr. 


The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

Dip into this full-length remake of Episode V a bit at a time, or gorge on the whole thing—it's made up of more than 480 individual segments created by a multitude of fans with prodigious talent, creativity and/or enthusiasm.

Star Wars Toys

Plastic Galaxy Trailer

The epic saga of the people who built the first Star Wars action figures and the generation who coveted and collected them. The film is now available from Amazon on DVD or on-demand at Vimeo.

DNA Project 630

The DNA Project

Brooklyn-based producer, songwriter and visual artist j.viewz (Jonathan Dagan) collaborated with creative agency Hello Monday to develop the first-of-its-kind online music platform that will give his audience nonlinear and interactive access to the evolution of his next album as he creates … more »


Ghost Wave – The Movie

HP sent surfing filmmaker Taylor Steele to follow Ian Walsh on his quest for an elusive monster swell, which he eventually found off the west coast of South Africa.

VOD Mommy Trailer

Trailer: Mommy

The trailer for 25-year-old actor/director Xavier Dolan's latest film is a master class in provocative, short-form storytelling. The French Canadian film won the Jury Prize at Cannes in May.  

Weezer Back to the Shack

Weezer: “Back to the Shack”

Director Warren Fu puts the band on the moon and has some fun defying the laws of anti-gravity. Fu also edited and did the special effects.