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12 Best Long Takes in Film History

Or, how to start an epic argument among film geeks. There is some terrific camerawork on tap in these scenes, but is Alfonso Cuarón really the master of the long take?


Trailer: Gone Girl

The run of oddball music choices for the trailers of David Fincher movies continues with Gone Girl, an adaptation of the best-selling novel whose first preview is scored to a cover of the 1974 Charles Aznavour single "She" by Psychedelic … more »


Light Iron’s 6K DI Diary

Light Iron's Michael Cioni details the facility's 6K DI workflow, which was used to finish the short film "Closed Set," directed by Mitchell Amundsen, for Red's NAB exhibit.


Trailer: 24: Live Another Day

Get a better look at the 24 reboot with this intense, feature-film style trailer for Fox's upcoming 12-episode revival of the Jack Bauer Power Hour.

The Story of “Bliss”

The photograph "Bliss" became one of the most widely seen and instantly recognizable images in the history of photography when Microsoft made it the desktop background for Windows XP. Here's a Microsoft-commissioned short film about how photographer Charles O'Rear got … more »


Coldplay “Magic”

Watch director Jonas Akerlund borrow from silent-film aesthetics as he directs Chris Martin and actress Zhang Ziyi in this new Coldplay music video.


360° Video Using Six GoPro Cameras

Journalist and photographer Jonas Ginter made this 360-degree panoramic video using six GoPro cameras. After experimenting with rubber-bands and cable ties, he designed and 3D-printed the custom camera mount.


Fanfarlo “Cell Song”

Animator-director Ewan Jones Morris (part of the team of Casey & Ewan) uses "found images from the dustiest of science journals, encyclopedias and magazines" to construct this surreal, shape-shifting video for a song from the London-based band Fanfarlo.


Letterman’s Late Night Debut

"Well, we've warned you": Watch the cold-open of the first episode of Late Night with David Letterman, originally aired in February 1982. 


A Girl Named Elastika

This incredibly creative animated shot from Montreal-based filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet does just about everything you can imagine with thumbtacks and rubberbands.