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Animating a Jump Tutorial Part #269

3D cartooning is nothing but trouble in this mock animation tutorial by Nathan Hibberd that plays a little like a miniature Looney Tunes short set entirely inside Autodesk Maya. [via CartoonBrew]


The Mysterious Floating Orb

Turns out "Weird Al" Yankovic makes more than just funny music videos these days.


Snowballs in Super-Slo-Mo

Baltimore agency Exit10 wished its clients happy holidays with a winter-themed video showing staff getting … well, getting hit in the face with snowballs. It was shot at 1500fps with the Vision Research Miro M320s high-speed camera.

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Movie sets, pool parties, strip clubs, fashion shoots, glass skyscrapers, walks on the beach, and meaningful looks — lots of meaningful looks. Yep, it's the promo trailer for the new Terrence Malick film, starring Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Brian … more »

Rumble Audio

Rumble Audio’s Ryan Billia on Indie Sound Design

Take a walk off the beaten path of audio post to East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where Ryan Billia talks sound design for indie Sundance hit Land Ho! at his facility, Rumble Audio.

Avengers Christmas Carol VOD

The Avengers Sing Christmas Carols

Call it a very Marvel Christmas Carol: the latest seasonal mashup from editor James Covenant, who brought us this Jean-Luc Picard classic last year, features a wacky coda from Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot.

Ben Burtt

Sound Editor Ben Burtt on Star Wars SFX

Star Wars sound-effects maestro Ben Burtt reveals the audio building blocks that went into one amazing Empire Strikes Back sound effect — the grinding noise made when the Millennium Falcon tries, but fails, to enter hyperdrive.

Submarine Sandwich

Submarine Sandwich

If the famed surrealist animator Jan Svankmajer worked for ESPN, he might have created something like this weird stop-motion film set in a deli that serves up sliced sporting goods. Shot with NIKKOR lenses and the Nikon D810 DSLR, t's the … more »


Victoria + Jean “Why Won’t You”

Flames dance with a stop-motion flicker as they burn up hundreds of still photographs in this music video from filmmaker Christophe Thockler that's all about fire, glorious fire, for Swedish-Belgian duo Victoria + Jean (link NSFW).


Welcome to Union Glacier

Filmmaker Temujin Doran made this 54-minute documentary after finding himself stranded last year at Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica.