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NYC, 1981

"NYC, 1981" is a short documentary about a very different New York City. Distributor A24 commissioned it to help orient audiences to the setting of A Most Violent Year, which opens today. "NYC, 1981" is directed by Austin Peters, shot by DP Eric … more »


The Geometry of a Scene: The Bad Sleep Well

Video essayist Tony Zhou body-slams the shot/reaction-shot technique of Oscar nominees The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything, then toasts the mise-en-scène of Akira Kurosawa in one long, uninterrupted take from The Bad Sleep Well.


Everlast: I’m a Boxer

"Don't call me a female boxer." Claire Edmondson directed this pointed Everlast spot through production company Steam Films. Catherine Lutes was the cinematographer and Michael Durst at Toronto's Married to Giants edited. 


Kia Sorento Super Bowl Spot with Pierce Brosnan

Sometimes a cabin is just a cabin. Pierce Brosnan stars in "The Perfect Getaway," which turns out to be a surprisingly low-key Super Bowl ad for the Kia Sorento; this is the extended version of what you'll see on TV this … more »


Call of Duty: Randall Higgins, KillCameraman

Videogame promos get ever more elaborate with this mini-documentary about the daredevil DP behind the ultraviolent "killcamera" shots in the latest expansion pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, "Havoc." Rob Huebel stars as Randall Higgins, KillCameraman.


Throne: Tharsis Sleeps

This video for heavy-metal band Throne is embroidered, frame by frame, from start to finish. "I completely ruined any kind of social life," director Nicos Livesey (also the band's singer and guitarist) told Dazed. "I haven't spoken to anyone in the … more »


Pizza Hut Australia: Mitey Stuffed Crust

In a clever turnabout, Pizza Hut Australia decided the best way to get locals to try its new vegemite-stuffed-crust pizza was to prove that foreigners found the special offering utterly repulsive.

Song of the Sea

Trailer: Song of the Sea

With its anachronistic yet painterly 2D animation, the animated feature Song of the Sea mines the rich and fertile soil of Irish myth and literature. Directed by Tomm Moore, it is the latest Oscar-nominated effort from the Secret of Kells … more »


Sunken Foal “Never Knew”

Director/DP Kevin McGloughlin shot this video with Canon DSLRs and lenses, then manipulated its depiction of the passage of time in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6. Click through to the Vimeo page for more on the process.


Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures

These animations are created using 3D-printed sculptures (by artist John Edmark) as the medium. Spin them under a strobe light—or a fast camera shutter synchronized with the rotation—and the sculpture seems to freeze in place and simultaneously crawl with life. … more »