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Centriphone: An iPhone Video Experiment

It took him two years of practice to perfect the technique, but pro freestyle skier Nicolas Vuignier made this uniquely striking video with an iPhone swinging around his head on a tether.

Scorsese Vinyl

Making Vinyl: Recreating the ’70s

Mick Jagger first floated his idea for a musically driven, raucous 1970s-era rock-n-roll film with Martin Scorsese 20 years ago. Showrunner Terence Winter (Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos), with Jagger and Scorsese as executive producers, transformed that idea into HBO's hotly anticipated new series Vinyl. For Scorsese, who directs … more »

Massive Attack

Massive Attack, Tricky & 3D: Take It There

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" gets a gloomy 21st-century update thanks to director Hiro Murai, English trip-hop superstars Massive Attack, who provide the music, and actor John Hawkes, who leads the dance.


V1RUZ: A Carta

It took a solid 25 hours of shooting 5,210 still images — from sunup to sundown and all the way through to the next dawn — to create this hyperlapse music video that follows rapper V1RUZ through the streets of Lisbon. … more »


Behind the Scenes: First Feature Film Shot Entirely on Prius Backup Camera

Is the filmmaking community ready for the first feature film shot entirely with a Prius back-up camera? No, probably not. But in this mockumentary featurette, sketch comedy duo Mommy (Andrew Heder and Ryan Kelly) imagine what making that film might be like.


The drama is in the dynamics of light and shadow in this dazzling assembly of time-lapse shots captured (mostly) in and around the North American West. Filmmaker Leif Erik Smith spent nearly two to three years on the project, which … more »

Pre Vis Action

Gareth Evans’ Pre Vis Action

The creators of the wildly violent, R-rated martial arts extravaganzas The Raid and The Raid 2: Berandal set out to see if they could create an action scene that could capture the kinetic energy of their earlier work without all the blood and broken bones. … more »

Wide Open

Chemical Brothers: Wide Open

There's more than a little Ex Machina in this Chemical Brothers video — not only does the peekaboo body here recall Alicia Vikander's transparent fembot frame, but dancer Sonoya Mizuno played Kyoko in the film. YouTube commenters are complaining that the video trips … more »

droste effect video

Spherical Droste Video

3D sculptor and mathematician Henry Segerman has been spending a lot of time thinking about the mathematical implications of spherical video. This mind-bending piece, featuring a slow pan across a clip of video looped tail to head using "Möbius transformations" … more »

Inside a 70mm projection booth

70mm of Hateful

Movie projectionist and filmmaker Andrew Walker shot this time-lapse footage inside a projection booth running the "roadshow" version of The Hateful Eight on 70mm film. The footage was captured with a Nikon D810, the Kessler TLS time-lapse system and Second Shooter motion-control … more »