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Welcome to The Last Bookstore

Welcome to The Last Bookstore

This documentary short profiles Josh Spencer, owner of magnificent downtown L.A. literary haven The Last Bookstore, which he named with tongue only slightly in cheek after the Borders chain went under. Chad Howitt directed and edited; James Laxton (Tusk, The Myth of the American Sleepover) was the … more »


Seventy Years of Los Angeles, Then and Now

Keep an eye out for vestiges of old Los Angeles in this side-by-side comparison of downtown L.A. in the 1940s and now. The contemporary footage, captured in sync by director Keven McAlester, DP Max Flick and grip Brian Hayashi for The New … more »

Wilson Tennis Ball Factory

See how the little green spheres are built in this wordless documentary look at the mass production of tennis balls, from glop to globe, in just over three minutes. It's directed by British photographer and filmmaker Benedict Redgrove. 


Trailer: A Solitary Mann

The 40-minute documentary "A Solitary Mann" is a study of painter Jeremy Mann, who works on wood panels with a variety of unconventional image-making techniques — staining the wood surface, stripping off paint with solvents, and using an ink brayer to spread ink … more »


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Celebration Reel

The forthcoming Star Wars movie gets an epic behind-the-scenes presentation, replete with awe-inspiring landscapes, violent explosions, and slow-motion action. Of note: blue screens are few and far between, as many shots seem to be accomplished in camera with VFX projected on … more »

The Night Of

The Night Of Title Sequence

HBO strikes again, commissioning a monochromatic title sequence for new miniseries The Night Of that achieves the not-insignificant task of putting New York cityscapes in a noirish new light. The miniseries is directed by Steven Zaillian; John Likens directed the titles at … more »


The Physics of Flip Tricks

School is definitely in session as Super Deluxe presents a skate video with a difference. Elegant slow-motion footage combines with cartoonish overlays to demonstrate the physical maneuvers of skater and skateboard involved in the front side flip, the fakie big flip, and the … more »


Aesop Rock: Kirby

"Homie don't fetch, only woke to stretch," rhymes Portland-based rapper Aesop Rock in this infectious ode to his new roommate. "Fifteen years taking prescriptions, now a shrink like, 'I dunno, maybe get a kitten.'" The music video, from director and puppeteer Toben … more »


This Supercut Will Make You Jump

Divorced from their feature-film context, these horror-movie jump scares from 1959's House on Haunted Hill to 2013's The Conjuring aren't as scary as they should be. Still, it's interesting to see what kind of directorial and editorial techniques reliably bring the shocks. … more »


Eye Tracking on an F1 Car

How does a Formula One (F1) racer see the road ahead? As part of its coverage, Sky Sports F1 put eye-tracking goggles on German champion pro racer Nico Hülkenberg to see just what part of the scene he's keeping his eyes on as … more »