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Out of Print

Watch this trailer for Julia Marchese's upcoming documentary about L.A.'s New Beverly Cinema, its clientele (including Joe Carnahan, Joe Dante, Rian Johnson, Mark Romanek, Kevin Smith, and many more), and their ongoing love affair with 35mm film.


Aaron David Gleason “Mastermind”

New York-based filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp directed this fever-dream of a music video for artist Aaron David Gleason with appearances by Chris Sarandon and Tony Award-winners Alice Ripley and Joanna Gleason. It's edited by Patrick McGowan and the DP is Kenneth … more »


The Man Who Turned Paper into Pixels

This video essay by Adam Westbrook of Delve.tv looks at the work of Claude Shannon, "the most important man you've probably never heard of" — an information theorist who was among the first to imagine the possiblity of encoding and … more »


Waves of Grain

Sometimes Mother Nature makes the movie, and human beings just have to figure out a way to watch it. Video designer Keith Skretch took a piece of wood and shaved it down a fraction of an inch at a time, taking … more »


The Crew of HBO’s Vice on Their Go-To Gear

Canon posted this look at how DPs on HBO's Vice use the company's cameras, including the EOS C300, XF105, XF305, and 5D Mark III.



Filmmaker Tess Martin created this haunting paint-on-glass animation based on a traditional Italian children's song with an unexpectedly dark edge that she remembered from growing up in Florence. A making-of interview is online at Animated Documentary.

Word Crimes

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Word Crimes”

Great lyric video or the best lyric video? "Weird Al" Yankovic, pop parodist extraordinaire, sends up the Robin Thicke smash "Blurred Lines" with this amazing, animated ode to good copy editing. The video's director, Jarrett Heather, has built a generous … more »


The Peach Kings: Mojo Thunder

New York design and animation studio Ataboy created this animated white-on-black music video for L.A. duo The Peach Kings. Directors Kris Merc and Benjy Brooke considered chalk and crayon drawings on cardstock and newsprint before deciding to create the entire … more »


Game Over

Watch animator PES reimagine classic arcade games through increasingly absurd stop-motion animation scenarios.


Mackevision’s Game of Thrones Season 4 VFX Reel

Mackevision published this video breakdown of the many visual elements that are combined to create some of those smooth, organic-looking environments in its Emmy-nominated work for HBO's signature fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Jörn Großhans is Mackevision's VFX supervisor and Katharina … more »