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What If Man of Steel Was IN COLOR?

Is this dramatically recolored look at Man of Steel a legitimate criticism of excessively grimdark visual choices? Or just a snarky defacement of somebody else's art with digital crayons?


Trailer: Black Mass

After years of monkeying around playing pirates, mad hatters, big bad wolves, and whatever the heck Mortdecai was supposed to be, Johnny Depp may be getting back into the business of being one of the best actors alive in the … more »


The 8 Spiders You Eat in Your Sleep Every Year

You may have heard that the average person eats (that's right, eats) eight spiders in a year's time. But is that really believable? At last, a YouTube video (via L.A. sketch comedy group Extremely Decent) dares to visualize the spider-eating process.


Evan Rachel Would

It might not be quite clear enough what this odd little short is actually selling—$40 Wildfang T-shirts, with all proceeds promised to nonprofit org Friends of the Children. But any ad featuring both Sonic Youth frontwoman Kim Gordon and Beth Ditto of … more »


Second Thoughts

What's on the other side? In a new, typically performance-centric short from director David Shane and production company B-Negative, this suicide-cult leader suddenly realizes he's not that eager to find out. Tami Reiker, ASC (Pieces of April, Beyond the Lights), was the … more »


Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial

This parody video cut together by YouTuber Braziliandanny reminds us all that not everyone needs an extreme action cam.


Tarantino’s Extreme Close-Ups

Watch a montage highlighting the liberal but high-impact use of close-ups in films by director Quentin Tarantino (previously: Hearing Tarantino). 


White Shadows: Give Up Give Out Give In

Drink in the bizarre, dreamlike imagery of this music video for the band White Shadows, led by Craig Nicholls of The Vines.


Strings: Parental Role Modeling

It takes a few moments to figure out what's going on in this vaguely creepy PSA from the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia, but the message about unsafe driving and learned behavior is eventually made memorably clear.


Madonna: Ghosttown

Madonna is rocking a new Stevie Nicks kind of style in this post-apocalyptic video directed by Jonas Åkerlund and co-starring Terrence Howard.