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Inside Me

We're not entirely sure what's going on in this video, but it sure is pretty. Filmmaker Dmitry Zakharov says the images are built from a 3D scan of his own body, which is seen from the inside and out, with … more »


Brunettes Shoot Blondes “Knock Knock”

With more small screens in circulation than ever before, it was only a matter of time before someone—in this case, Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes—choreographed an animated music video across 14 separate screens of varying MacShapes and iSizes. The animation was … more »


Genndy Tartakovsky’s Popeye Animation Test

The latest beloved character to undergo the transition from 2D cartoon figure to CG creation is Popeye the Sailor Man, thanks to director Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Hotel Transylvania).


The Dove & the Wolf: The Words You Said

We've all gotten used to watching music videos in high-definition, but we don't see too many these days that were shot on film. This one (a bit NSFW for nudity) for duo The Dove & the Wolf was directed and … more »


Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB on TBS Post-Season Show

"Any actor who tells you that he's not inspired by Bugs Bunny is a liar, frankly." Bryan Cranston performs the Major League Baseball post-season as a one-man show in this six-minute (!) promo for TBS. 


GoDaddy “Related”

Internet domain registrar and web hosting provider GoDaddy continues to search for just the right advertising tack to showcase the company's deliberately wacky brand personality without alienating small business owners (remember those tone-deaf Super Bowl ads from years past?) with four new spots from New York agency … more »


A Surprise ‘Music Video’ for Karen O

Well, if you happen to be backstage at the Metropolitan Opera on a Sunday afternoon with a couple minutes to spare, why not shoot a "music video?" Director Spike Jonze (Her) and actress Elle Fanning (Maleficent) made this one spontaneously … more »


Cion Ungraded Images Reel

Here's a new look at the capabilities of another big camera introduction set for later in 2014, the AJA Cion. (Images from Panasonic's VariCam 35 showed up earlier this week.) The ungraded footage was acquired in ProRes 4444 and 422; click through to the … more »


“99 Red Balloons” Played with Red Balloons

Musician Andrew Huang (no relation to previously featured filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang) breaks down his version of the 1980s classic by German pop band Nena with split screens in a clever video promo for his tour of Germany and the U.K.

Simpsons Montage 630

FXX Simpsons Montage

Still having Simpsons withdrawal post FXX's late-summer marathon showing of all 552 episodes back-to-back? Watch Roger TV's binge-worthy, kaleidoscopic promo a few more times. The Fox television show's live musical, The Simpsons Take the Bowl!, will be at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend, … more »