Director Loïc Andrieu, previously seen at the helm of KCPK's "The End," is back with another wild music video that seems to straddle two worlds. Created to accompany a new track by French DJ-producer Agoria, "Call of the Wild" starts as a police drama shot at night on the streets of Los Angeles and ends up as a wild, Orpheus-inspired supernatural thriller. We're told the whole thing is related to a feature-length project Andrieu is developing at Paris production company Soldats Films.


Directed by Loïc Andrieu Production company: Soldats Films Producer: Pierre Cazenave-Kaufman (Soldats Films) Director of photography: Simon Chaudoir Editor: Naza Giral (Soldats Films) Colorist: Mathieu Caplanne Artistic Director: Loïc Andrieu Los Angeles Producer: Gaetan Rousseau (Paradoxal inc) Set designer: Freyja Bardell Wardrobe stylist: Yasmine Abraham Casting director: Sarah-May Levy Re-Recording Mixer: Christophe Leroy VFX House: REEPOST Post-productrice : Loundja OUSSANA Assistant de post-production : Tilou MARTIN REEPOST Superviseur VFX : Adrien LEPINEAU REEPOST Superviseur 3D : Stephen PLONGEON REEPOST Graphiste 3D : Xavier VERDIER, Marion GUICHENUY, Geoffrey PONS, Olivier MASSON REEPOST Graphiste Compositing : Matthieu DESTRADE, Marc LATIL, Benoit MESSAGER, Johan ROCHE, Gaetan BAILLEUL, Thierry BONNEAU, Mathieu PLESSI, REEPOST Alexis BAILLA. REEPOST Tracking : Toufik MEKBEL, Walid BEN HEND (VISION AGE VFX) REEPOST Etalonnage : Matthieu CAPLANNE Sound facilities: YELLOW CAB STUDIOS Funded by CNC Cast Jane Hodson: Fleur Geffrier Sal Walker: Carl Crudup IAD investigator Chayton: Sean Roc Smith IAD investigator Tellis: Ron Guilbert Paramedic Jeff: Christianno Chavez Paramedic Sam: Sam Ingraffia Dead little girl: Gabriella S.Robinson Nightcrawler: Spencer Frankeberger Waitress: Natasha Churchil Rider #1: Jean-Benoît NDoki Rider #2: Deron Cash Rider #3: Rusty Rooftop Rider #4: Ivan Dion Rider #5: Johan Domhoff Onlooker #1: Shan Moreno Onlooker #2: Sadyr Diouf Onlooker #3: Ryan Gatewood Onlooker #4: Bodhi Dell Onlooker #5: Abraham Sesay Los Angeles Crew Executive producers: Pierre Cazenave-Kaufman (Soldats Films) Los Angeles Producer: Gaetan Rousseau (Paradoxal Inc) Production service: Paradoxal Inc Line producer: Hugo Marcel Production manager: Thomas Duchêne Director of photography: Simon Chaudoir 1st AD: Manuel Roman 2nd AD: Nick Brokaw Set designer: Freyja Bardell Wardrobe stylist: Yasmine Abraham Wardrobe assistant: Coleen Chan HMU: Jessica Kate Sainclair Production assistants: Eric Hellberg & Yohan Lefevre & Martin de Bokay & Nicolas Thau & Timothy Watson Location scout: Kaelin Phillips Set decorator: Crystal Criego Prop master: Dominic Wymark Leadman: Eligh Macias Set dresser: Daniel R. Orege & Kevin Lopez, Pedro Ramirez, Taylor Williams 1st AC: Vincent Toubel 2nd AC: Dusty Saunders & Rogelio Mosqueda Steadicam operator: Olivier Merckx Sound operator: JP Delacruz Gaffer: Joel Gill Best boy electric: Gerardo Ruiz Electrics: Laura Sfeir, Eddie Teram, Davis Villa, James Wray Key grip: Dennis Pires Best boy grip: Ivan Garcia Grips: Robert Dulany, Ardy Fatehi, Michael Parlinic Motocrane: DRIVER’S EYE TEAM L.A.P.D service: Paul Hinton, Darryl Martin Catering: Mia’s Cuisine Los Angeles Studios: BEEPS DINNER, SILVER DREAM FACTORY, ESCOBAR FAMILY Los Angeles Costumes rental house: UNIVERSAL COSTUME, WESTERN COSTUME Los Angeles Police Car rental house: CINEMA VEHICLES Los Angeles props rental house: ISS, SET STUFF OMEGA Los Angeles Camera rental house: PANAVISION HOLLYWOOD, CHAPMAN (Leonard, Jq Da Silva) Paris Crew Production company: Soldats Films Producer: Pierre Cazenave (Soldats Films) Post-Producer: Naza Giral (Soldats Films) Line producer Paris: Quentin Henneguelle (Soldats Films) Production manager: Charlotte Giral (Soldats Films) Development manager: Juliette Labrousse (Soldats Films) Director of photography: Simon Chaudoir 1st AC: Maud Cyrano Gaffer: Michael Monod Electrics: Jerôme Baudouin, Cedric Guerby Key grip: Benjamin Rame Prop master: Ludovic Jardiné HMU: Elisabeth Pilarsky Studio La Villette: Navarro Press coordinator: Juliette Labrousse Voice over newscaster: Doug Rand Production assistant: Antoine Oliver-Caillat VFX house: REEPOST REEPOST VFX Producer: Adrien Lepineau VFX Post Production supervisor: Loundja Oussana (Reepost) On-set VFX supervisor: Clement Germain Sound facilities: YELLOW CAB STUDIOS ADR & Foley mixer: Christophe Leroy Sound editors: Alexis Jung & Olivier Ranquet Foley artist: Florian Penot SOLDATS FILMS staff 2D / After Effect Post producer: Naza Giral (Soldats Films) After Effect: Rémi Muzzupapa (Soldats Films) After Effect: Paul Laurent (Soldats Films) After Effect: Victor Sellier (Soldats Films) After Effect: Naza Giral (Soldats Films) CNC SOLDATS FILMS / ETENDARD / AGORIA / REEPOST / YELLOW CAB Special thanks Victoria Videnina «We nailed it! » Pierre Cazenave « You’re the boss » Agoria «You made it happen! » Ben Turner Christophe Leroy for Yellow Cabs Studio « Sound Wizard! » Reepost Boss: Adrien Lepineau Reepost VFX Supervisor: Loundja Oussana Christian de Rosnay & Victoria Bernard at Etendard Management Inspirational Sergio Giral Jr. Soldats Warriors ! Remi Muzzupapa / Paul Laurent