Get five different choreographed dance styles for the price of one as director Ian Roderick Gray and DP Matthew Emvin Taylor move their roaming, Movi-mounted camera in and around a busy soundstage in the latest music video for English singer-songwriter Charlie Winston.


Director: Ian Roderick Gray Producer: Adham Hunt for AFishant Records 1st AD: Alex Moffat 2nd AD: Amber Tordoff-Gibson 3rd AD: Lorine Piagnol DOP: Matthew Emvin Taylor Movi Operator: James Davis 1st AC / Focus Puller: Robin Webster 2nd AC / Clapper Loader: Jomar O’Meally Grip: David Reeves Video Operator: Robert Toft DIT: Chris Nunn Gaffer: Aaron Walters Sparks: Neil Hawkins, Stuart Mansell, Mark Joiner Light Desk Operator: Simon Willet Riggers: Erion Permaj, Damon Graham Sound Recordist and Playback: Christian Davis Costume Designer: Lucy Williams Lead Wardrobe Assistant: Claire Tremlett Wardrobe Assistant: Jules Hindess Wardrobe Electrics: Jim Rowlands Art Director: Alizé Speed Props and Build: Greg Hewitt, Sarah Daily, Zoe Parker Editor: Ian Roderick Gray Visual Effects: Squint VFX Dan Newlands: VFX Supervisor Jonathan Harris: Senior VFX Compositor VFX Compositors: George Antonopoulos, Ines Boneca, Rodolfo Zani Grade: Joseph Bicknel Post Production by CHEAT Sound Design: Edwin Matthews Hair and Make-up Designer: Jessica Kell Lead Hairdresser: Laura Szydlowski H&M assistants: Bobbie Ross, Jimmy Jones, Gabby Winwood, Amy Mclaughlin Runners and production assistants: Danny Rumbelow, Rebecca Murray Artist: Charlie Winston Choreographer: Bex Leung Dancers: Francesca Moffat, Cassie Macmillan, Cleo Jaegar, Jenny Stow, Lois Roberts, Alex Brown, Luke Field Wright, Adam Lyons, Oliver Wheeler, Justin Thomas-Verweij Tap Dancers: Crystal Hantig , Scott Coldwell Robot Dancers: Pierre Lafayette-Marsh , Chris Rowe, Adam Roberts Security Guard: Andy Gibbins Background: Sam Walker, Sophie Thomalla, Justin Stoneman, Dani Macintyre, Bruce Thomson, James Windsor, JR Moelter, Niamh Handley-Vaughn, Christopher Lane, Ingrid Gray, Allan Gray, William Barrat, Jim Rowlands, Oli Langford, Bryony Day Jessica Kell, Danny Rumbelow, Rebecca Murray, Jim Rowlands Thanks to: James Irwin and One Stop Films Chris Cowan and Panalux James Davis, Craig Potter, Ben Mitchell and Motion24 All at Squint VFX All at Cheat