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James Horner: Titanic Suite

Remember the life and work of composer James Horner through this symphonic performance of perhaps his best-known piece from the annual gala concert Hollywood in Vienna. Watch all the way to the end to see the composer's reaction as the lights … more »


Mastodon: Asleep in the Deep

Visit a secret, psychedelic feline dreamscape imagined by directors Skinner, Shane Morton, and Video Rahim. Love it? Set pieces are being auctioned off in a benefit for The Humane Society of the United States. Credits: Creative Direction: Mark Szumski and Gina … more »


Gener8ion + M.I.A.: The New International Sound Pt. II

Do you remember what giant mobs of people on-screen used to look like before CG crowd-generation software took over? Allow 36,000 students at Chinese fighting school Shaolin Tagou to refresh your memory. This music video was re-edited from director Inigo Westmeier's … more »


Björk: Black Lake

This Björk music video, shot on location in Iceland, was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where it debuted as part of a larger exhibition that closed this week. Director Andrew Thomas Huang and cinematographer Lasse … more »


Namie Amuro: Golden Touch

This "simulated interactive music video" for J-pop star Namie Amuro invites viewers to touch their playback screen, creating a sense of connection with a wacky series of cleverly composed images. It was co-directed by Masahashi Kawamura of Party NY and Kenji … more »


Redrawing Taylor Swift

NOT just another Taylor Swift video. 49 Australian animation students were each handed a different 52 frames of director Mark Romanek's "Shake It Off" music video and instructed to roto their own hand-drawn footage to replace the original. Things get weird quickly. Credits DESN2801: … more »


Taylor Swift: Bad Blood

Singer/producer Taylor Swift, director Joseph Kahn and DP Christopher Probst shot Swift's explosive, cameo-laden "Bad Blood" music video with the new Red Weapon camera system and ARRI/Zeiss Master Anamorphic lenses. Read the thread for behind-the-scenes info from Probst.

drew lustman wolves

Drew Lustman: Wolves

As video technology marches on, one thing you can count on is that today's glitch will be tomorrow's hip visual effect. And so it goes with this music video featuring psychedelic effects that were generated in camera by making clever … more »


Son Lux: Change Is Everything

This music video for Son Lux was created using 200 pushpins and 500 feet of rubberized thread. Sounds simple, but do not miss the harrowing making-of video hosted by NPR, which details the work involved. Nathan Johnson of The Made Shop directed and co-animated … more »


The Chemical Brothers: Go

The illusion is in the edits as director Michel Gondry reteams with The Chemical Brothers (and guest vocalist Q-Tip) for the first time since he made the duo's "Star Guitar" in 2001.