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Victoria + Jean “Why Won’t You”

Flames dance with a stop-motion flicker as they burn up hundreds of still photographs in this music video from filmmaker Christophe Thockler that's all about fire, glorious fire, for Swedish-Belgian duo Victoria + Jean (link NSFW).


Beyoncé “7/11″

Beyoncé is the top-earning woman in music, earning $115 million in 2014, according to Forbes. She can afford whatever she wants. Even so, her new video is a completely low-budget affair — just Beyoncé and a few friends dancing around the … more »

Around Again

Philip Selway “Around Again”

For Radiohead drummer Philip Selway's latest solo release, Madrid-based directing collective NYSU has its camera spinning in a circle to capture a spooky, theatrical performance that spawns ghosts of itself as the camera pans.


Waiting: New York at Night in 3,454 Paintings

Artist Zachary Johnson made thousands of oil paintings of New York City at night to illustrate a song from The Sea The Sea's debut album Love We Are We Love.


Taylor Swift “Blank Space”

When you sell more records than anyone else in the music business, you can afford to hire people like Joseph Kahn to direct your music videos. "Blank Space" is the follow-up to "Shake It Off," directed by A-lister Mark Romanek.


Lorde “Yellow Flicker Beat”

Happy birthday to Lorde, who turns 18 today. Music video director Emily Kai Bock (featured previously) captures her animated, visually amplified stage presence in different settings in this clip for "Yellow Flicker Beat," a song from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I. (You … more »

Dance in the Rain 630

Dance in the Rain

James Cameron may think Oculus Rift-driven VR experiences are "a yawn," but Mark Zuckerberg is definitely onto something. This VR music video from J-pop singer Kumi Koda premiered during Tokyo Designers Week, which began on October 25 and now includes … more »


Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in 20 Different Styles

Vocal chameleon Anthony Vincent, also known as Ten Second Songs, takes the Michael Jackson classic around the block in this hit YouTube video posted just in time for Halloween.


OK Go: I Won’t Let You Down

OK Go strikes again with another enthusiastically elaborate music video, this one featuring some very cool Honda scooters and a bunch of Japanese schoolgirl dancers with umbrellas. It's directed by Kazuaki Seki and bandleader Damian Kulash Jr. and shot by Makoto Okuguchi. … more »

Weezer Back to the Shack

Weezer: “Back to the Shack”

Director Warren Fu puts the band on the moon and has some fun defying the laws of anti-gravity. Fu also edited and did the special effects.