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The Story of “Bliss”

The photograph "Bliss" became one of the most widely seen and instantly recognizable images in the history of photography when Microsoft made it the desktop background for Windows XP. Here's a Microsoft-commissioned short film about how photographer Charles O'Rear got … more »


Goshawk Flies Through Tiny Spaces in Slo-Mo

Watch a northern goshawk swoop effortlessly through confined passageways in fantastic super-slow-motion footage from BBC nature series The Animal's Guide to Britain.


DJI Phantom Flies into Volcano

This footage of an erupting volcano on Vanuatu's Tanna island captured by Shaun O'Callaghan, flying a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition on a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, is about as close as you want to get to hot lava. More info.


Life After Pi

Just in time for the Oscars, this new 30-minute documentary looks at the Rhythm & Hues bankruptcy, the changing world of filmmaking, and the pressure inherent in the business model of visual effects. Director-editor Scott Leberecht and producer Christina Lee … more »


Words by Rakim

Moody black-and-white cinematography, a pulsing music mix, and the insistent flow of renowned rapper Rakim give this short film directed by Matt Bieler the mythic, inspirational feeling a legendary hip-hop MC deserves.  Credits: Director: Matt Bieler Producers: Matt Bieler, Matthew Kemp, Ben Feigen, Rakim … more »


How Many?

Rollerblader Leon Humphries talks about a recurring dream shared by skaters everywhere in this mesmerizing short shot in super-slo-mo with the Phantom Miro and the Sony NEX-FS700 by director/operator Sim Warren.


Tracing Skylines: Detroit

Karl Fostvedt, Khai Krepela, and Max Morello ski through abandoned buildings in Detroit for this urban-skiing video, just one segment from the film Tracing Skylines.

ADR with Doc Kane

Disney’s Doc Kane on Top-Notch ADR

This terrific short has ADR mixer Doc Kane of Walt Disney Studios talking analogue compressors and mic pres, riding the faders in real time, and working with John Goodman, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, and more. [Via Soundworks Collection]


Mr. X

"It's a big deal, marking skin permanently. I don't take it lightly," says South London tattoo artist Duncan X. "At the same time … there should be some element of humor in it." Director Alex Nicholson worked with London VFX … more »

Split of a Second

"It's really about overcoming your instinct not to do it," says wingsuit world champion Espen Fadnes in this short film about the calculated risks and rewards of wingsuit flying directed by John Boisen & Björn Fävremark.