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Power of Puppies

Can Puppies Fix Boredom?

Did you know March 23 is National Puppy Day? Yep. To celebrate, Purina Puppy Chow and production company SoulPancake created this video showing surprise puppy bombs being dropped on a preschool, a gym, and a retirement home. (It's a sequel, … more »



On March 20, 2015, a small team of photographers led by Reuben Krabbe set out to capture an image of a skiier silhouetted against the backdrop of a solar eclipse in the Arctic. This 31-minute film about the difficult, uncertain undertaking … more »

Terrible Casting Calls

Casting Call: The Project

Before you go off to write up character breakdowns for your next project, you might want to watch this short video of New York actresses reacting to "really terrible casting calls" to learn how not to alienate potential performers. The … more »

Gramercy Typewriters

Family Business: Gramercy Typewriter

Take a look inside the Gramercy Typewriter Co., where typewriters (and the act of typewriting) are being kept alive in the 21st century by a father-and-son team of experts.

George W. Bush campaign ad

How to Win an Election

Political strategist Mark McKinnon, who counseled George W. Bush on both of his campaigns to the White House, says storytelling is the key to politics. "Great storytelling is not about ideology," he notes. "Great storytelling is great storytelling." In this … more »

Brooklyn Made

Brooklyn Made

Spike DDB (the joint-venture agency of Spike Lee and DDB) and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce created this short film to highlight the Brooklyn Made certification program — and testify that, no matter how trendy it might be right now, … more »


Police Use Raptors to Attack Hostile Drones

Ever wonder how the FAA plans to keep scofflaw drone flights in check? Maybe they should take a cue from their European counterparts. Watch law enforcement in the Netherlands train birds of prey to snatch unauthorized drones out of the sky … more »


San Francisco: Above the Clouds

If you want to take pretty pictures from 90,000 feet, it helps to fly with gear that's designed for low-light photography. Night Crew Labs built a balloon rig to take a Sony a7S hooked up to an Atomos external recorder into the … more »


Centriphone: An iPhone Video Experiment

It took him two years of practice to perfect the technique, but pro freestyle skier Nicolas Vuignier made this uniquely striking video with an iPhone swinging around his head on a tether.


Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

Reach maximum Rickman with this classic Internet short from 2012 featuring the late actor in super slo-mo. It's the work of artist David Michalek.