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Kaleidoscope: See Things Differently

BMX rider Kriss Kyle performs tricks in an environment in flux. "Ho-hum," you might say, "another BMX video." But you'd be underestimating the degree to which inventive set design can make a familiar idea look fresh again. Bonus: watch it in … more »


Decoy: A Portrait Session with a Twist

Canon Australia wants you to remember this — when you're behind the camera, shooting stills or moving pictures, the images you make are often influenced more by you than by who or what you're shooting.


Tim Jacobus: Goosebumps Illustrator

Original Goosebumps illustrator Tim Jacobus talks about "taking the edge off" scary pictures with saturated colors — and takes a look at the monster imagery from the new Goosebumps film.

Things That Can Kill You

You'll know what you're making is worthwhile if someone hates it, says Welsh artist Death Spray Custom: "You need the hate to go with the love." This short documentary was directed and edited by Joe Marcantonio, and shot on the Red … more »


How to Stay Awake (Without Caffeine)

No, it's not always ideal to load up on caffeine just to get through a marathon editing session. (For one thing, jitters. For another, bathroom breaks.) Here are some less disruptive ideas for giving yourself enough of a boost to stay … more »


The Reason Every Meme Uses That One Font

Get your daily dose of design history with this explainer on the origins of Impact—the official typeface of Internet memes.


Learn to Fly: Foo Fighters Rockin1000

A thousand musicians gathered in the town of Cesena in northern Italy on July 26 to record a version of "Learn to Fly" by Foo Fighters under the baton of orchestra leader Marco Sabiu. Forget about the huge logistical challenges organizer Fabio … more »


What Do You Do to Feel More Creative?

Media and design professionals answer the big question and muse on the nature of creative thinking itself. Do their responses jibe with the ways you experience your own creativity?


Rocket Wars

Every year on Holy Saturday, two sets of Greek Orthodox parishioners on the island of Chios wait for the sun to go down, then fire off immense volleys of rockets at each other's churches. Creative collective Variable set out to … more »


Matt Thompson: Neon Glassblower

Watch 30-year sign-making veteran Matt Thompson work with glass tubes and gas to create neon in this eight-minute documentary segment from Twin Cities Public Television's MN Original.