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Eruption at Bardabunga Volcano

Don't miss the face-melting action in this video of eruptions in Iceland's Bardabunga volcanic system — a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter flew close enough to the lava that it literally melted the face of its GoPro camera payload. (Watch the … more »


Gone South

Filmmaking collective Vita Brevis Films takes a motorcycle tour of southern Utah armed with Red cameras, a MoVi stabilizer, and an octocopter. 


Storm Chasing on Saturn

What do weather junkies watch when they've got their fill of Twister, Into the Storm and Discovery's Storm Chasers? Maybe this short video from The New York Times considering a huge, hexagonal hurricane four times the size of the earth at Saturn's … more »


Going Dark: The Final Days of Film Projection

Oklahoma City filmmakers Jason Gwynn and Jay Sheldon profile two theatrical movie projectionists as they get ready to turn the lights out on 35mm film.


The Adobe Illustrator Story

"Everybody said, 'You're going to ruin good design because now anybody can do it,'" recalls Adobe co-founder John Warnock 12 minutes into this video history of Adobe Illustrator design software produced and directed by Ami Capen. "But the cream rises … more »


Perfectionists: Rufus

Meet Rufus. At 1 pound, six ounces, he's perfect for his job — Bird Scarer at Wimbledon. This profile is one in an ongoing series of shorts created by Wimbledon sponsor Stella Artois.


Bullfrogs in Slow Motion

Yep. Just bullfrogs, shot in super-slo-mo by DP Michael N. Sutton with the Photron Fastcam BC2 and a 300mm Tamron lens. More info at the Vimeo page.


The New York Times: Modern Love

The New York Times takes a look at age disparity in committed relationships with the help of animation by Freddy Arenas.


Moments That Changed the Movies: Jurassic Park

Watch this excellent short documentary on the VFX of Jurassic Park, with Dennis Muren, Kathleen Kennedy and more remembering the birth of CG creature features.

The Story of “Bliss”

The photograph "Bliss" became one of the most widely seen and instantly recognizable images in the history of photography when Microsoft made it the desktop background for Windows XP. Here's a Microsoft-commissioned short film about how photographer Charles O'Rear got … more »