Watch: Adobe Character Animator

Easy S-Log Color Grading Workflow (A7S / FS7)

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Liquefied Objects

Video Tutorial: How to Set Up an ACES Workflow in Assimilate Scratch

Watch: New Lumetri Color Panel in Premiere Pro CC

Learn about the new three-way color corrector in Premiere Pro with this tutorial video provided by Adobe. Intrigued? Check out our full coverage of the new Creative Cloud releases for more information.

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Video of the Day

The 8 Spiders You Eat in Your Sleep Every Year

Evan Rachel Would

Second Thoughts

Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial

Trailer: Black Mass

After years of monkeying around playing pirates, mad hatters, big bad wolves, and whatever the heck Mortdecai was supposed to be, Johnny Depp may be getting back into the business of being one of the best actors alive in the role of gangster Whitey Bulger. Just sayin'.

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