Watch: Adobe Character Animator

Easy S-Log Color Grading Workflow (A7S / FS7)

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Liquefied Objects

Video Tutorial: How to Set Up an ACES Workflow in Assimilate Scratch

Watch: New Lumetri Color Panel in Premiere Pro CC

Learn about the new three-way color corrector in Premiere Pro with this tutorial video provided by Adobe. Intrigued? Check out our full coverage of the new Creative Cloud releases for more information.

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Video of the Day

A Subway Delay Story

EmpTV Cribs Stormtrooper Edition

Elle Sasson: Fashionable Animal

Taylor Swift: Bad Blood

Redrawing Taylor Swift

NOT just another Taylor Swift video. 49 Australian animation students were each handed a different 52 frames of director Mark Romanek's "Shake It Off" music video and instructed to roto their own hand-drawn footage to replace the original. Things get weird quickly.

DESN2801: Animation 1 is a first year subject in the Bachelor of Visual Communications degree at the

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