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Is your primary storage full of files you don’t need? How would you know? And what about data scattered or duplicated across multiple volumes.

In this free webinar, StudioDaily and Quantum will show you how to reclaim primary storage space through the efficient use of a tiered storage solution.

Good data management practices are easy to talk about, but hard to implement. File-naming policies may not be followed. Employees come and go and leave a trail of poorly documented files. Different groups may create their own practices.

It’s not easy to keep user practices aligned across all parts of a studio, facility or enterprise. And that means files stack up — forgotten files, redundant files, obsolete files, all of them occupying valuable primary storage space because nobody knows for sure where to find them, or whether it’s safe to delete them.

Move those files to an accessible and visible archive, and you’ll gain valuable primary storage without spending a dime.

Who says there’s no such thing as free storage?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss ways to

  • Discover duplicates, slight name changes and distributed project files across volumes
  • Recover space by safely deleting or moving unnecessary files out of primary storage
  • Ensure legal compliance of your storage systems to enable discovery and other potential issues
  • Maintain security by verifying that sensitive files are in the proper place
  • Keep the right data in the right place at the right time

It’s never too late to take control of your storage — but with new image formats like 4K, 8K, and VR making files larger than ever before, it’s never been more critical.



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Sure, Signiant Media Shuttle allows your internal and external teams to move large media files with speed, reliability and security. BUT, did you know that this SaaS solution has other tricks up its sleeve to make media creation and distribution more efficient?

IT professionals love the ease with which Media Shuttle integrates with existing systems, making it simple to onboard new users. And operational teams can benefit from special tools that enable file format compliance checks, metadata capture, and automatic deliveries. Media Shuttle’s unique capabilities were developed by listening carefully to ALL of the stakeholders within a media operation–and developing enhancements that benefit everyone.

Mike Nash, product manager for Media Shuttle at Signiant, will lead you through a 30-minute webinar that shows you how our SaaS file transfer solution allows you to efficiently:

  • onboard users,
  • streamline processing of inbound files, and
  • automate file delivery.

Reserve your space to learn how this file transfer solution frees up time for more complicated priorities.


​Mike Nash
Director of Product Management, Media Shuttle at Signiant

Mike-Nash_999x1024With more than twenty years of experience guiding the software development process, Mike Nash is adept at Agile development practices for cloud-based software. His goal is to both delight users and give businesses the technology they need to define the future of their industry. He thrives on talking with customers and is always accessible no matter how trivial the question. Besides managing product development, Mike also manages a four-horse farm at his home, a short bike ride from the Signiant office in Ottawa.

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Futureproof Your Digital Assets with Workflow Built to Scale
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Media asset management is more than putting the right content in the right hands at the right time today. Your digital library holds business value waiting to be unlocked through content reuse and monetization on new platforms in the future. Whether you’re rolling out your first MAM solution or looking to replace one that’s not keeping up with your business growth, you need to choose one that that’s built to adapt to technology changes and to keep up with your business growth.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Empower creative teams to tap directly into your asset library and collaborate efficiently
  • Intelligently track asset changes and usage through auditing, reporting and analytics
  • Manage assets across multiple storage tiers throughout its lifecycle
  • Select the right storage for your workflow: disk, object storage, LTO tape and cloud
  • Scale your workflow to millions of assets and petabytes of data

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7 Pitfalls of Relying on FTP to Share Video Content
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Despite being a decades-old technology, FTP is still widely used to move large video content between people, systems and even into the cloud. Anyone that’s ever used it knows how slow and unreliable it can be, not to mention difficult to maintain.

Join StudioDaily and Signiant for this webinar and learn about some of the most important reasons why media organizations are reconsidering FTP for sending and sharing their video content.

Attendees will learn about:

  • How FTP unnecessarily consumes valuable resources
  • Why it will not scale as your business grows
  • Side-effects of not modernizing your system

Register today and see how augmenting or replacing FTP can improve your workflow and the bottom line.

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Transitioning to Fast, 4K-Ready, Collaborative Shared Storage
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Join StudioDaily, Quantum, systems integrator StorExcel, and Citizen Pictures for a discussion of the key issues facing facilities looking to take the next steps in efficient, powerful storage infrastructure that supports the next generation of broadcast standards.

You’ll learn about:

  • Managing growth for bigger workloads with more edit suites
  • Getting ready for 4K, HDR, and OTT-friendly formats
  • Combining SAN and NAS to get the best of both
  • Managing and monitoring your system
  • Archive, reuse and remonetization of content

Citizen Pictures is a production company in growth mode. Since landing Food Network’s hit show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in 2011, the company has been expanding its capabilities, abandoning tape-based acquisition in favor of Sony PXW-FS7 cameras and retiring its Xsan storage system to make way for Quantum Xcellis shared storage. With a production slate that includes new shows like Destination America’s Smoked — the competitive BBQ series is shot with six cameras that generate 10 TB of footage per episode — and 4K deliveries looming on the horizon, the facility’s infrastructure has to be robust for today’s workloads, scalable to meet the delivery standards of tomorrow, and affordable to stay on budget.

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Building the Perfect Xsan and StorNext Workgroup
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Need to brush up on Xsan, Xsan DLC in El Capitan and StorNext? Quantum and ATTO experts will bring you the latest news, best practices and guidance in building out the perfect Xsan and 100% Xsan compatible StorNext environment.​
You’ll learn all about:
  • Latest developments in StorNext 5
  • The newly announced Xcellis-based StorNext Pro Solutions for Xsan users
  • Xsan Distributed LAN Client available in OS X El Capitan (and how to use it)
  • Xsan to StorNext upgrade and client connectivity tips and best practices
And more! 

Alex Grossman, Quantum’s Vice President of Media and Entertainment, will be joined by presenters from ATTO. For more than 25 years, ATTO has been manufacturing high-performance storage and network connectivity products. As the only manufacturer to allow connectivity to both servers and workstations, ATTO is uniquely positioned to provide a high-performance connectivity solution for Quantum’s StorNext appliances, software, and storage systems. In addition to managing multiple paths between Windows, Linux and Mac workstations, ATTO’s solution for Quantum enables high throughput and uninterrupted access to Enterprise-class storage in a variety of environments including big data, data backup and recovery, archiving and virtualization.​

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Are You Ready for 4K? Fishbowl Worldwide Media Is!
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Join StudioDaily on Nov. 18 for a complimentary webinar when our guest presenters will discuss the powerful conform features of DNAevolution and where they play a crucial role in UHD and 4K workflows. We’ll also explore how LTO and LTFS workflows can coexist or even replace traditional SAN and NAS storage and archiving solutions during editorial and finishing. To illustrate these points, we will be examining how and why Fishbowl Worldwide Media will use conforming from LTO with their new UHD acquisition and delivery workflows.

What You’ll Learn:

•    What hardware and software are required to build a bulletproof 4K workflow
•    How you can save time and money by working in low resolution
•    How the power of metadata is used to conform your full-resolution camera original for high-quality deliverables

Join StudioDaily and Key Code Media’s Michael Kammes, director of technology, and StorageDNA’s Doug Hynes, director of product marketing, to listen and learn. A quick demonstration of how easy these workflows are to achieve using DNAevolution will finish our presentation.

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5 Reasons Production Teams Need Fast File Transfer Software
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The art of video production has evolved in so many ways in a relatively short amount of time. One direct result has been the growing demand for higher quality video, which means larger video files.  Whether your team is working their way through the production process or ready to distribute final video content, they need a reliable way to send and share video content.  Finding the right solution is more important than you think.Join StudioDaily and Katie Staveley, VP of Marketing for Signiant, for this upcoming webinar where she’ll discuss the top 5 reasons your video production team needs fast file transfer software.

Learn How To:

•    Keep up with demands of file size growth
•    Delight your customers with easy, fast exchange of files
•    Ensure you hit your deadlines even when it’s the eleventh hour

You won’t want to miss this upcoming session to see how the right file transfer solution can make an impact your business.

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Building Your 4K Future: Making the Move to 4K
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Everyone is talking about 4K – and it’s easy to see why with incredible new high-resolution cameras and news every day about new 4K content offerings from Netflix, DirecTV and even YouTube. But how do you  plan your move to 4K capability? What are the best practices and considerations to get critical new production capability without disrupting your existing operations? What pressures does 4K content put on your production environment – from ingest, through work in process to delivery?

To answer these questions and more join Studio Daily’s webinar on Building Your 4K Content Future – Making the Move to 4K with Quantum’s Alex Grossman, Vice President of Media and Entertainment, and Skip Levens, Director of Technical Marketing, to learn the best practices and sharpest thinking from real-world customers who have not only tackled 4K production workflow challenges, but helped transform their production company into a true content brand ready to compete and win in the fierce ‘OTT content’ battles ahead.

The Role of the Cloud in Your Workflow
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The buzz around the cloud just keeps building. We hear the cloud come up in every conversation from personal backup and video and music delivery to content storage and banking apps.  With so many different offerings and models to choose from, there are so many questions:

• What can the cloud really do for me in content creation, delivery and archive?
• What really works well today and what should I avoid?
• How safe is it?
• Where, if anywhere, does it fit into my workflow?
• Does it cost more or less than what I am doing today?
• Does it give me a competitive edge?
• And of course, how can I get started using the cloud today?

Join Alex Grossman and Skip Levens for a lively discussion on the role of the cloud in modern post and broadcast workflows. Beyond answering the common questions above, they will cover the various types of cloud services, choosing between them, best practices and how to avoid the pitfalls often encountered in getting started with bringing the cloud into your workflow.

ACES: What You Need to Know Now and Why It Matters
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Join workflow and color science expert Cédric Lejeune, from Workflowers and the I.C.A., and D.I. Film Company’s Graham Austin as they walk you through what you really need to know about filmmaking using the Academy Color Encoding System known as ACES. From camera to delivery, Cedric and Graham will define ACES within the context of your workflow, explaining how it works with cameras, on-set dailies tools, post-production and color-grading tools, and projection systems. You’ll learn what a difference ACES can make on set and during the post-production process and how it’s poised to evolve over time as cameras and software continue to evolve.

4K Post in the Real World
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Think 4K post is something only the biggest studios and post houses can handle or afford? Think again.

Leandro Marini, founder of Local Hero Post in Santa Monica, CA, will reveal the truth about posting 4K feature films in a boutique facility, detailing workflows that are well within the reach of smaller facilities thanks to advancing technology and 4K DI systems that cost the same as those with 2K deliverables. Marini will discuss best practices around the four primary areas that must be addressed by anyone taking on a 4K project: Data size, storage and disc performance requirements; Graphics and CPU performance requirements; DI and VFX pipeline integration; Dailies pipelines. He’ll also detail his preferred 4K DI process using ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH and compare and contrast 2K and 4K pipelines. If you’re considering the leap to 4K, this webinar will give you a better understanding of how to get there. 

Write, Direct, Color-Correct
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Go from creative concept all the way through creative DI! Join StudioDaily and director JR Strickland for an in-depth look at how a two-man shop uses top-tier but affordable tools like the Panasonic HVX200A and Canon Rebel paired with Adobe Premiere Pro, Maya, After Effects, Assimilate Scratch, Nuke and Pro Tools to deliver award-winning projects to diverse clients like Absolut, Axe, ESPN and Fidelity Investments. Ever dream of the day when you and a few friends will strike out on your own and create the ideal creative agency, production facility and post house all rolled into one?

Director JR Strickland and his best friend and business partner Villian did just that when they founded the two-man shop Four-Sixteen in 2002. With a sophisticated, robust and affordable digital toolset that includes the Panasonic HVX200A, Canon Rebel T2i DSLR, Adobe Premiere Pro, Maya, After Effects, Assimilate Scratch, Nuke and Pro Tools, Strickland and Villian develop their music videos, commercials, films and graphic designs from start to finish with very low-overhead and complete creative control. Their studio setup features three offices, a sound room, a post lab and a VFX station. Last year, Strickland wrote, shot, directed, edited and finished “Graham Bell,” a spot developed for Fidelity Investments’ iPad App that went on to win Best Commercial Spot at SXSW in March 2012. Using the project as a case study, Strickland will walk you through his entire workflow from concept and storyboarding through editing and final color.

Shooting, Color and Post with the Sony F5, F55, and F65
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Join DP Tomas Tucker and Alex MacLean, colorist from Colorflow, as they guide you through their experience with one of the most in-depth camera tests ever of the Sony CineAlta camera family. Alex will use Assimilate SCRATCH to illustrate and discuss the post-production workflows around each camera and detail his experience color grading, compositing and finishing images from all three.