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Bright Announces New Astella BrightDrive Servers

Astella Dx and Nx Are Ethernet-Connected 'All-In-One' Options

Bright Technologies announced two new all-in-one BrightDrive servers, the Astella Dx and the Astella Nx. The two new products, aimed at post and broadcast operations, complement the original Astella fibre-channel "server in a box," which is being rebranded as the Astella Fx.
The Astella Dx employs a distributed LAN client system to increase performance in Ethernet environments. It supports Quantum's Distributed LAN Client (DLC) technology, which enables Bright's patented sequence-aware BrightClip system for optimizing file layouts and eliminating fragmentation on the storage subsystem. It comes in a 4U server enclosure with a capacity of 34 TB, 68 TB, or 102 TB. 
The Astella Nx combines a Gig-E or 10 Gig-E connected NAS server and storage in a 4U enclosure with capacity of 36 TB, 72 TB, or 108 TB.
Astella systems start at $31,000.

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