Adam Taylor

The Production Music Association (PMA) named APM Music President Adam Taylor its new chairman.

Taylor, formerly Vice Chair of the PMA board of directors, replaces Randy Thornton, who was PMA Chairman for the last five years. Thornton is stepping down from the PMA board, but will remain involved through his executive position at Amphibious Zoo Entertainment.

The PMA cited Taylor’s experience with IP issues, including the monetization of copyrights, trademarks and patents.

“Production music serves a vital role in television, film, advertising, new media and UGC programming, and it is my honor to help communicate and preserve the value of music for both publishers and composers,” Taylor said in a prepared statement provided by PMA. “The PMA has played an important part in this responsibility for over two decades, and I look forward to continuing the direction established by Randy Thornton while collaborating with everyone in this new capacity.”

Also today, Videohelper co-founder Joe Saba was appointed to the position of Vice Chair.

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