IMF Support, New Mastering Automation Tools Extending Company's Clear Media Platform

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) said it is adding IMF support to its Clear Media platform, including the ability to publish IMF packages as well as an IMF Media Player, at NAB 2017.

The IMF player will allow users to play a CPL (composition playlist) via streaming proxies with all of the required components, such as video, audio and captions, without necessarily accessing the original IMF package, PFT said. The company said that will reduce bandwidth requirements and storage consumption across locations needing to collaborate during the mastering process.

Prime Focus Technologies’ new IMF player

Clear will be able to ingest both complete and supplemental IMF packages and to work with IMF compositions created in Clipster, Color Front, Gray Meta, Netflix CPL Editor, and others. The IMF capabilities include search, playback, upload, download, distribution of packages, and distribution of rendered and transcoded video files. IMFs can be packaged and delivered from remote locations, including public cloud and on-premise storage.

Also shown at NAB will be new mastering automation features designed to make tasks like retiming and QC on captions and subtitles more efficient.

“The latest additions make Clear Cloud MAM more powerful than ever,” said PFT founder and CEO Ramki Sankaranarayanan in a prepared statement. “The IMF Media Player is the first step in our innovation-driven product roadmap towards IMF readiness.”

Prime Focus Technologies: