Euromedia has upgraded two of its OB trucks to add 4K UHD production capabilities. Euromedia’s A21 truck was upgraded in January, and the souped-up B40 truck came online this spring in time for the May 28 Monaco Grand Prix.

By upgrading the trucks’ 4 M/E Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame switchers from Compact K-Frames with 80 3G-SDI inputs and 48 3G-SDI outputs to Standard K-Frames with 180 3G-SDI inputs and 84 3G-SDI outputs, Grass Valley said, Euromedia has the ability to configure 40 UHD inputs and 20 UHD outputs — or to fall back to HD capabilities as appropriate. The B40 truck also has a SAM router, Evertz multiviewers, and monitors from Vutrix and Penta, according to Euromedia.

Euromedia deployed both of its UHD OB trucks to the Monaco Grand Prix
Photo: Euromedia

The Monaco Grand Prix was captured by a camera fleet that included 46 Sony cameras, four Panasonic cameras, and two Superloupe 4K slow-motion cameras from Digital Video Sud, Euromedia said. Both UHD trucks were at the event to support the production in tandem.

Euromedia said it has been quickly ramping up UHD coverage at soccer and rugby matches, necessitating the need for more readily available 4K systems. For example, Euromedia has begun producing all Sunday-evening matches for France’s Canal+ in 4K.

“It’s one thing to achieve a one-off 4K UHD production, but it’s another story when the pace increases to one match per week,” Technical Director Gaël Tanguy said in a prepared statement. “In order to ensure a successful debut, we combined the forces of Euromedia’s production crew with that of our suppliers: Grass Valley for the new K-frame switcher, SAM for the control panel, EVS for the XT3 servers and Sony for the HDC 4300 cameras.”

Grass Valley: