Mercalli SAL Mac

ProDAD has released Mercalli SAL Mac, a new 64-bit Mac OS application that brings the Mercalli image-stabilization engine to the Mac platform for the first time.

The software includes video stabilization, rolling-shutter and CMOS distortion correction, fisheye warp removal, and more, with the ability to export clips to various ProRes formats (including 4444), H.264/AVC, or JPEG. Features include the ability to manually adjust pan shot smoothing, roll balance, dynamic scalong, zoom, and x/y-axis balance to precisely dial in the desired effect.

Mercalli SAL Mac has been developed as a standalone application for Mac rather than a Final Cut Pro X plug-in, the company said, to improve efficiency when an editor needs to correct multiple clips before making an assembly in the NLE environment. That also means it can be used alongside any NLE, rather than one it’s specifically designed to integrate with.

“Our most frequently requested feature by far has been Mac support, and today with Mercalli SAL Mac, we deliver what our users have been clamoring for,” said ProDAD CEO Robert DeMoulin. “Mercalli is the tool video professionals have always relied upon when they have to take rough, shaky, or otherwise unusable video and turn it into cinematic gold.”

Mercalli SAL Mac is available today for an MSRP of $149, with a 20% discount in effect until August 30, ProDAD said.