Claims of Prior Art or Similar Technology Are Due by Tuesday, August 15

Attention, Hollywood technologists! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has revealed the 11 areas of filmmaking innovation the Scientific and Technical Awards Committee is looking at for possible recognition this year.

They are:

  • Systems using multiple, stabilized, synced cameras to capture background footage, with integrated playback for simulating movement in static vehicles
  • Submersible, telescoping camera cranes
  • Automated systems for cinema auditorium quality control
  • Systems for on-set digital dailies with color-managed workflows
  • Systems for onboard RAW recording for digital cinema cameras
  • Gyroscopically stabilized camera platforms for aerial cinematography
  • Systems for modular character rigging enabling large scale, complex, high quality 3D digital character animation
  • Systems for digital storyboarding and story reel development
  • Efficient systems for interactive animation of large numbers of high-resolution 3D characters with full surface detail
  • Single surface audio platforms for automated dialogue replacement (ADR).
  • Software applications to synthesize complex sound scenes from a limited set of source elements

If you, or any of your colleagues, has invented new technology or made other award-worthy innovations in any of these fields, now is the time to speak up. People and companies with “devices or claims of innovation” in these areas are encouraged to submit their information to the Academy using an online form.

The Scientific and Technical Awards Office can also be reached by calling 310-247-3000, ext. 1129, or via email: All submissions are due by Tuesday, August 15, at 5 p.m. PT.

The Scientific and Technical Awards Committee will meet in November to vote on its recommendations to the Academy’s Board of Governors, which has the final word on recipients of the awards, which are given at three levels: Academy Award of Merit (a statuette), Scientific and Engineering Awards (a plaque), and Technical Achievement Award (a certificate). The 2017 Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation is scheduled for February 10, 2018.