Foundry released Cara VR 2.0, adding new stitching tools, automated 360-degree tracking and 3D stabilization, and stereo tools from Ocula that have been adapted to work with 360 video.

The Cara VR plug-in for Nuke was introduced at NAB 2016 and shipped last summer, bringing camera-solving and stitching, plate-correction, compositing and headset-review tools into Nuke for the first time. “The first iteration of our Cara VR toolkit was hugely well-received, and this latest version will help usher in the next level of VR experiences,” said Foundry CEO Craig Rodgerson in a prepared statement.

Foundry said V2.0’s new GlobalWarp node produces quick previews using metadata from a camera solver to minimize ghosting where stitched images overlap, and also adds controls allowing users to line up key features in the stitch and constrain warping on straight lines.

The Tracker node now automatically tracks and stabilizes a 360-degree stitch, allowing the user to subsequently refine and lock the track and stabilization, the company said.

Foundry said it had also ported over a number of tools from its Ocula stereo 3D software, including an updated Disparity Generator for depth estimation and a tool for color-matching between left-eye and right-eye views.

A floating or node-locked license for Cara VR for Nuke currently sells for $3,436 at the Foundry website.

Foundry Cara VR 2.0: