Tim Tortora

Full Force Financial launched the F3 System, a subscription-based remote production accounting platform that it says modernizes production accounting with a paperless workflow that can be accessed via web browser.

F3 System subscription plans include support from F3’s Data Processing Center (DPC), a team that handles data entry based on scans, photographs, or mailed documents from users in the field. Users can log in remotely to review and approve paperwork.

The company offers two basic “MyF3” subscription plans. For $299/month (plus a $300 “onboarding” fee) The Content Creator plan includes up to 15 DPC transactions per week and supports a single project with 10 users, three approvers, and 5 GB storage. The next step up, at $599/month (plus a $1,000 fee) is the Filmmaker plan, including up to 40 DPC transactions per week and supporting up to three projects with unlimited users, six approvers, and 20 GB of storage.

For larger productions, F3plus offers a customized platform at a customized price.

Full Force Financial was launched this fall by Tim Tortora, an experienced production accountant and former production executive at Harpo Films. “The F3 System allows production accountants to utilize technology to help manage all of their responsibilities more accurately, in less time, and reduces the piles of paper that they have to coordinate,” Tortora said in a prepared statement. “The results are phenomenal, in terms of more accuracy and efficiency, as well as flexibility and a higher quality of life for production accountants.”

Full Force Financial: www.fullforcefinancial.com