Insta360 released a firmware update to its Insta360 Pro 360-degree camera that it said improves image quality while adding the ability to generate still images at 12K resolution.

The v2.0 firmware, which the company said is still a beta release, is said to extend dynamic range, improve retention of detail, and reduce noise in images captured by the Insta360 Pro. And it enables a new still-frame mode that captures a quick burst of 10 8K photos, then “intelligently merges” them into a higher-resolution image. The image output can be adjusted between 8.2K and 12K, Insta360 said.

The new firmware also enables 4K 360 broadcasting over Facebook Live.

New frame-interpolation algorithms allow users to change the frame rate of footage before export, including upconverting 30fps video to 60fps.

And the new Exposure Curves feature allows users to adjust the camera’s exposure curve before shooting, to get the intended exposure in camera rather than in post-production.

Insta360 zenith optimization

A new switch for “Zenith Optimization” is designed to automatically compensate for the typical aberrations that appear at the very top of a 360-degree image.

To help VR shooters get out of the way of their images, Insta360 is suggesting a couple of new modes for wireless operation — either connect the camera to a 4G hotspot shared by a smartphone, or use the included LAN port to hook up a mobile router, which can offer connectivity in a radius of up to 60 meters, the company said.

Insta360 Stitching Box feature

Finally, Insta360 has introduced a new feature in its Insta360Stitcher software called “Stitching Box,” which allows users to connect a computer to the camera and then offload image-stitching tasks to the camera’s dedication hardware, rather than relying on what may be limited horsepower on the computer running the software.