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Easy S-Log Color Grading Workflow (A7S / FS7)

From Matthew Pearce, a tutorial showing an approach to color-grading for S-Log using Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve and Vision Color LUTs. [via Cinescopophilia]


Cinema 4D Tutorial: Liquefied Objects

Designer Matteo Forghieri won a Maxon-sponsored competition for one-minute tutorials with this video on how to quickly acheive a liquefy effect in Cinema 4D. [via Premium Beat]


Video Tutorial: How to Set Up an ACES Workflow in Assimilate Scratch

In this nine-minute video tutorial, Graham Austin of South Africa's DI Film Company, an editorial, grading, and on-set DI services facility in South Africa, shows you how to set up Assimilate Scratch to take advantage of the Academy Color Encoding … more »


Autodesk Maya 2015: Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform

Autodesk shows off Bifrost, the new procedural effects platform designed to simplify complex liquid simulation and photorealistic rendering tasks.

AETuts+: Detail-Preserving Upscale

After Effects: Detail-Preserving Upscale

For AE Tuts+, trainer Mikey Borup looks at a new feature in After Effects that promises better upscaling. Visit the original page for a downloadable video file (153 MB).


After Effects: Fancy Write On Effect

According to Evan Abrams with, this simple effect using multiple layers offset in time is "totally in vogue." Check out the video tutorial to get an idea about how to make your own.


Simulated Scopes

Make stock footage your own by using After Effects to simulate night-vision goggles, sniper scopes, binoculars, and more. This free video tutorial from Video Copilot shows you how and includes project files.

Create Pixel-Perfect Photo Patterns

Looking for new ideas about ways to jazz up your graphics? Shutterstock has an easy Photoshop tutorial that suggests a quick way to experiment and build a repeating pattern in Photoshop that incorporates photographic elements.


Cinema 4D Sound Effector Animation Tutorial

Greyscalegorilla's Nick Campbell shows you how to create a sound-controlled animation, without keyframes, using Cinema 4D's Sound Effector tool.


RED Epic Tips for DSLR Shooters

Here's an interesting collaborative tutorial/interview with Denver's Dave Dugdale, the creator of the site Learning DSLR Video and James Drake, owner of the Denver RED rental facility 5k Insight. Drake covers the similarities and differences between shooting video with a … more »