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2014’s New VariCams: One Is 4K High-Res, the Other 240fps High-Speed

Panasonic finally committed to its 4K VariCam strategy at a press briefing in New York City today, when it actually announced two new cameras under the VariCam brand. The "4K VariCam" that was first shown as a mock-up at NAB … more »


Panasonic, Sony Tout 4K While NHK Goes Beyond at CEATEC in Japan

Call it 4K or (usually more correctly) Ultra HD (UHD), higher-than-high-def capture and display technology was highly touted in Tokyo last week, with the CEATEC Japan 2013 IT and electronics show in full swing.       Panasonic went all … more »


Panasonic Debuts New AVCCAM, Ultra Wide Angle Camera at IBC

Panasonic's camera introductions at IBC included the new shoulder-mounted AVCCAM AG-AC8, which records 1080p HD to dual SD card slots, aimed at "pro and semi-pro" users, as well as the new panoramic Ultra Wide Angle Camera, which combines four AW-HE120 … more »