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Cloud Computing in Post-Production

"The cloud" has existed for decades. Remember when the official graphic symbol for the internet was an "evil" cloud? Today, however, cloud is one of the most frequently used buzzwords. So many companies seem to offer a solution with or … more »

Does Amazon’s Cloud Transcoding Service Make Sense for You?

Last week, Amazon released a cloud video transcoding service called Amazon Elastic Transcoder. The service is priced at a significant discount compared to other cloud transcoding services, such as Zencoder, that run on Amazon Web Services. Many in the twittersphere … more »

RevUp Render Supports V-Ray in the Cloud

Cloud-computing service provider RevUp Render said its new cloud rendering service supports Chaos Group's V-Ray 2.0 rendering software. That means studios using software that supports distributed rendering — like Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max and Trimble (formerly Google) SketchUp — … more »


Aframe Brings Cloud Computing to Video Post

Everyone may be talking about the "cloud," but until recently, the thought of using a simple Internet connection to securely access, view and share large, broadcast-quality media files during post seemed about as solid an idea as leaping out of … more »