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I went green to support the VFX industry's efforts to improve the plight of the houses and the workers.

Getting Our Piece of the Pi…for Real

I've been fairly silent on the VFX situation amid all the hubbub lately and I think I'm going to catch a lot of heat for this post. But I have to say it like I see it. I'm not happy … more »

Classy without being extravagant

Thriving in VFX: Up Close and Personal with Luma Pictures

The survival of our VFX industry is a very serious subject for me. Most of my friends are somehow associated with it, and they are, for the most part, talented, dedicated and hard-working folks. So I'm continuing my investigation into … more »

Thriving VFX House in Marina Del Rey, California

Working the New VFX Landscape: Rules to Live By

In my last blog I gave a baker's dozen rules for VFX studios to survive in this difficult time. Now I take a look at individual VFX artists and technicians. The rules have changed big time and keep changing. If … more »