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It’s Official: Six Major Studios Will Help Kodak Keep Film Alive

Kodak sealed the deal for motion picture film this week, announcing that it had signed agreements with the six largest Hollywood studios that will keep all parties in the celluloid business for at least a few more years. 20th Century … more »

People & Places: Alan Tudyk Directs, Austin’s New Film Studio, The Foundry’s Mischief and More

Actor-director Alan Tudyk (above) is being represented for commercial direction in the U.S. by Redbear Films. Tudyk is directing a new campaign for Slickdeals, and is also set to direct scripted series Con Man, co-produced by Redbear founder P.J. Haarsma … more »


After More Layoffs, Kodak’s Film Business May Be in Jeopardy

It's been a year of feel-good stories for fans of motion picture film. Quentin Tarantino converted the New Beverly revival house in Los Angeles to a 35mm-only screening venue. Christopher Nolan's Interstellar became the latest title to get a 15-perf … more »

Christopher Nolan on location shooting Interstellar

Film’s Not Dead Yet: Four Reasons Why

The demise of 35mm film has been so widely reported by now that it's easy to believe film has been completely supplanted by digital cameras and projectors. But that's not quite true. News broke last week that 35mm negative stock … more »

Side by Side

Digital-Transition Doc Side by Side Gets Archived … on Film

  Oh, the irony! The 2012 documentary Side by Side, which is all about the relatively sudden transition away from film to digital image capture, is being preserved for the ages … on Kodak intermediate film stock.    Kodak is … more »

Five Questions: Andrew Evenski, President, Kodak Entertainment & Commercial Film

On Tuesday, Kodak announced its emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, having spun off many of its businesses — including still-photography products, retail photo kiosks, and document scanners — to refocus on a market it calls "imaging for business." That … more »

Six Hollywood Studios Now Have Agreements with Kodak

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 3 – Kodak has concluded a new agreement with 20th Century Fox to supply motion picture film to its movie and television studios. “This is great news for our business,” said Andrew Evenski, president and general manager … more »

Kodak Names Christian Richter Its Film Lab and Studio Relationship Manager

Kodak appointed Christian Richter to the newly created position of Film Lab and Studio Relationship Manager, effective immediately, the company said.  Richter, who reports to Andrew Evenski, president and GM of the Kodak's Entertainment Imaging Division, takes on responsibilities related … more »

Kodak Cuts $3 Billion+ Deal in Reorganization Process

Without saying anything specific about its motion-picture and television film-making operations, Kodak today announced that it had reached an agreement to sell its "personalized imaging and document imaging" business to its largest creditor, the U.K. Kodak Pension Plan (KPP). Kodak … more »

Kodak Calls for Entries in 2013 Student Scholarship Program

ROCHESTER, NY (February 28, 2013) — John Bailey, ASC, a renowned cinematographer known for his artistic contributions to cinema, will spearhead a panel of judges for the 2013 Kodak student scholarship program. This international competition acknowledges student filmmakers who demonstrate … more »