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Unused “Ridley-grams” from Alien

If you read Barbara Robertson's most recent interview with Prometheus VFX supervisor Richard Stammers, you know about the "Ridley-grams" that director Ridley Scott would use to communicate his visual ideas with the film's crew. He’s an incredibly visual director. He’s … more »


Oscar-Nominated VFX Supe Richard Stammers Talks Prometheus

Richard Stammers, nominated for an Oscar for his VFX work on Prometheus, joined the Moving Picture Company (MPC) as a digital compositor for the 2001 film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone after working as a compositor and visual effects supervisor … more »


Need an Out of This World Location? Shoot in Iceland (and Get 20% Back)

Director Ridley Scott and actress Noomi Rapace on location in Iceland during the filming of Prometheus [photo credit: Kerry Brown/20th Century Fox] Prometheus was shot there, as was the current season of Game of Thrones. And word came recently that … more »


VFX Supervisor Richard Stammers on Prometheus

There are no outright spoilers in this story about the visual effects work in director Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, although there are hints — even one about the scene that Glenn Kenny, chief film critic for MSN Movies, describes this way: … more »

New Prometheus Featurette

20th Century Fox goes behind the scenes with director Ridley Scott, who says his new sci fi film, premiering on June 8, "is all about everything."