CV500-M is 1.5 Inches Square, Delivers Up to 60p Full HD Video, Depending on Cofiguration

Is the GoPro just too big and bulky for your crash-cam needs? Check out the new CV500-MB, a tiny broadcast camera from Marshall Electronics that measures 1.5 inches square and outputs video over HD-SDI. Aimed at broadcast applications, the CV500-MB outputs 1080i/59.94, but other versions of the CV500-M deliver 1080p/60 (over 3G-SDI), 1080p/30, 720p/60, and 1080i/60.

All camera versions can switch between PAL and NTSC (meaning 60 becomes 50 and 30 becomes 25) and can support a second simultaneous video stream over BNC output.

"The CV500-MB is capable of capturing difficult and compelling shots by going where other cameras can't go," said Marshall Electronics CEO Leonard Marshall in a prepared statement. "With the prevalence of reality and documentary television, a tiny camera with these capabilities is invaluable."

The mini-cam is built around a Sony Exmor 2.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and a prime lens, and Marshall says it will offer other lens options to accommodate specific shooting conditions. Also on board are video-enhancement features including wide dynamic range, digital noise reduction, high light compensation, auto white balance, digital defog, and more. 

Marshall says the CV500 is available now for $499, with colume discounts available.