New Optical Converter Will Make Existing S35 Lenses Compatible with Larger-Sensor Cameras Including Red Weapon

IB/E Optics is introducing a new piece of kit at IBC to expand the usability of Super 35 lenses with cameras including the 8K Red Weapon.

Band Pro Munich will show the IB/E Super 35 to Full Frame Expander (S35xFF), which magnifies the image from a Super 35 lens to cover a larger, full-frame sensor area.

Other extenders and optical converters available from IB/E include the PLx1.4, which extends 35mm PL mount lenses by a factor of 1.4m, and the HDx1.4 converter, which magnifies the image from B4-mount lenses to cover a Super 16 sensor.

Still trying to get a grip on different sensor sizes, and how they can affect the image you'll capture at a given focal length? Check out the interactive Field of View Comparator, produced by Andy Shipsides at AbelCine.